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Oracle Business Intelligence, v.

- for Microsoft Windows x86 (32-bit):
Download Disk 1 (1of2) (1.4G) (cksum 2398089672)
Download Disk 1 (2of2) (1.5G) (cksum 3513994538)
Download Disk 2 (1of2) (1.7G) (cksum 2051171023)
Download Disk 2 (2of2) (975M) (cksum 2895515070)
Download Disk 3 (1.2G) (cksum 746029236)

- for Microsoft Windows x86-64-bit:
Download Disk 1 (1of2) (1.4G) (cksum 1245045705)
Download Disk 1 (2of2) (1.5G) (cksum 3128718135)
Download Disk 2 (1of2) (1.7G) (cksum 1971284883)
Download Disk 2 (2of2) (991M) (cksum 1095446914)
Download Disk 3 (1.6G) (cksum 825399767)

- for Linux x86 (32-bit):

Download Disk 1 (1of2) (1.4G) (cksum 2052178618)
Download Disk 1 (2of2) (1.5G) (cksum 1732068731)
Download Disk 2 (1of2) (1.7G) (cksum 423444678)
Download Disk 2 (2of2) (1.5G) (cksum 1741719307)
Download Disk 3 (1.2G) (cksum 2720992034)

- for Linux x86-64-bit:
Download Disk 1 (1of2) (1.4G) (cksum 2909839713)
Download Disk 1 (2of2) (1.5G) (cksum 1499178505)
Download Disk 2 (1of2) (1.7G) (cksum 1921434953)
Download Disk 2 (2of2) (1.5G) (cksum 397265218)
Download Disk 3 (1.6G) (cksum 320598023)

- for Sun Solaris SPARC (64-bit):
Download Disk 1 (1of2) (1.4G) (cksum 3181993788)
Download Disk 1 (2of2) (1.6G) (cksum 1335166720)
Download Disk 2 (1of2) (1.7G) (cksum 1402040599)
Download Disk 2 (2of2) (1.5G) (cksum 1147895242)
Download Disk 3 (1.6G) (cksum 1255985811)

- for Sun Solaris x86-64 (64-bit):
Download Disk 1 (1of2) (1.4G) (cksum 850657902)
Download Disk 1 (2of2) (1.5G) (cksum 3100154270)
Download Disk 2 (1of2) (1.7G) (cksum 1666497009)
Download Disk 2 (2of2) (1.4G) (cksum 3464587585)
Download Disk 3 (1.6G) (cksum 224072900)

- for AIX (64-Bit):
Download Disk 1 (1of2) (1.4G) (cksum 4182440856)
Download Disk 1 (2of2) (1.5G) (cksum 2020935297)
Download Disk 2 (1of2) (1.7G) (cksum 796853559)
Download Disk 2 (2of2) (1.3G) (cksum 685152953)
Download Disk 3 (1.6G) (cksum 1431984641)

- for HPUX Itanium:
Download Disk 1 (1of2) (1.5G) (cksum 1612338447)
Download Disk 1 (2of2) (1.6G) (cksum 3957028197)
Download Disk 2 (1of2) (1.7G) (cksum 146666127)
Download Disk 2 (2of2) (1.3G) (cksum 3351960487)
Download Disk 3 (1.6G) (cksum 2076906500)

BI Server Enterprise Edition
Server Administrator
Interactive Dashboard
Reporting and Publishing
Office Plug-In
BI Publisher
Scorecard and Strategy Management
Real-Time Decisions


Required Additional Software


Repository Creation Utility (
Download for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) (320M) (cksum 2503314275)
Download for Linux x86 (32-bit) (391M) (cksum 201758785)

Optional Software:

WebCenter Suite
Oracle Database
SOA Suite
Identity Management


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- Certification Information

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, v.

- for Microsoft Windows x86 (32-bit):
Download Disk 1 (586,763,191 bytes) (cksum 3028733378)  
1. See the Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Licensing and Packaging Guide version for details of the licensing and packaging of Oracle BI Applications.

2. The Oracle Business Intelligence Applications installer is for Windows only. For instructions to install Oracle BI Applications on other platforms, refer to the Oracle BI Applications Installation guide. This guide is included in the Documentation Library.

Case Management Analytics Fusion Edition
Consumer Goods Trade Funds Analytics Fusion Edition
Contact Center Telephony Analytics Fusion Edition
Enterprise Asset Management Analytics
Finance Institutional Analytics Fusion Edition
Finance Marketing Analytics Fusion Edition
Finance Retail Analytics Fusion Edition
Finance Sales Analytics Fusion Edition
Finance Service Analytics Fusion Edition
Financial Analytics Fusion Edition
Financial Services Profitability Analytics
Human Resources Analytics Fusion Edition
Insurance Marketing Analytics Fusion Edition
Insurance Partner Manager Analytics Fusion Edition
Insurance Sales Analytics Fusion Edition
Insurance Service Analytics Fuision Edition
Marketing Analytics Fusion Edition
Manufacturing Analytics
Partner Analytics Fusion Edition
Pharma Marketing Analytics Fusion Edition
Pharma Sales Analytics Fusion Edition
Procurement and Spend Analytics Fusion Edition
Sales Analytics Fusion Edition
Service Analytics Fusion Edition
Supply Chain and Order Management Analytics Fusion Edition
Telecom Marketing Analytics Fusion Edition
Telecom Sales Analytics Fusion Edition
Telecom Service Analytics Fusion Edition
Loyalty Analytics
Project Analytics
Price Analytics

Required Additional Software

Oracle Business Intelligence Data Warehouse Administration Console (11g)
Download Disk 1 (108,125,702 bytes)

Also See:

- Release Notes
- Documentation Library
- Certification Information