Validating 10g reports for the upgrade to 11g

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OBI 10g webcat check utility for the 11g upgrade - overview

Due to the number of new features in OBIEE 11g compared to 10g, there are potentially some manual modifications of reports required after the upgrade. The objective of this utility is to help assess the volume of manual workload. This utility will read 10g catalog and identify a number of reports that will require manual review/modification after the upgrade. The list of reports is not exhaustive. There are some use cases that cannot be detected this way. But the utility will identify the most common issues.

The package includes a presentation on what the tool checks: 10g11gUpgradeUtility.pptx

This tool is not supported.

Download Download
- Install a JDK 1.7+
- Unzip the webcat check package
- Change the launching batch with your correct JAVA_HOME and 10g WEBCAT location:

-For windows environments, edit checkWebcat.bat and change the two following variables to valid locations:
SET JAVA_HOME=c:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\oracle_common\jdk1.7

-For linux, edit and change the two following variables to valid locations:
If you edited your .sh on a windows environment, make sure you convert the shell using dos2unix

* Launch checkWebcat.bat or .sh
* Review the logs and csv generated in the logs folder.