Oracle BI Cloud Service QuickAnalytics provides rapid deployment applications that deliver powerful turnkey BI on top of BI Cloud Service data-sources. A best-practices business model, reports, and dashboards are prebuilt within the QuickAnalytics Apps and immediately deliver powerful business intellegence

Disclaimer:The contents and code of Quick Analytics Apps are distributed free for demonstrative purposes only. It is neither maintained nor supported by Oracle as a licensed product.


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Public Donations Data Samples V507

 Download Overview Doc This document provides an overview and context of the donations application
 DownloadApp Download Zip includes necessary .sql scripts and install readme
 Download Data Download  file1, file2, file3, file4
1.  download all 4 zip files into a single directory.                                                      2. follow the steps in the data extract pdf to unzip these files

SampleApp Data Script for Visual Analyzer V504

 Download Overview Doc This document complements a SQL script for upgrading a BI Cloud Service environment with better data for immediate access to Visual Analyzer demos
 Download Data Download Zip includes necessary .sql scripts and install readme

QuickAnalytics Cricket Demo App V503
Cricket demo on YouTube

 Download Overview Doc Quick Analytics Cricket Demo overview and demo flow
 Download App Download Snapshot file to deploy Cricket Demo (.bar file pwd=Admin123)

DVCS Sample Excel Sales
 Download Overview Doc Examples of Analyses
Download  Download Example data files

NFL Demo App V412
Weather matters: BI Cloud Service NFL Demo on YouTube

DownloadOverview Doc Quick Analytics NFL Demo overview. The Application includes 13 years of game results and highlights the impact of weather on a team's success rates
Download App Download Snapshot file to deploy NFL Demo (.bar file pwd=Admin123)

QuickAnalytics Sales Pipeline App V410

The "Pipeline App" offers pre-built analytics on sales opportunities at various stages in a sales pipeline. The app includes a data model, seed data, reports, and dashboards.  The app is packaged with a simple APEX transactional app for working with opportunities data.

DownloadOverview Doc QuickAnalytics Pipeline Overview and Screenshots
Download App Download snapshot file to deploy Sales Pipeline App (.bar file pwd=Admin123)

QuickAnalytics DataDiscovery App V409
See deployment video on YouTube

The "DataDiscovery" App enables deep multidimensional exploration, trending, binning, and forecasting intelligence over BI Cloud Service datasets within minutes.  The app deploys within 5 minutes and offers a rich variety of cross-dimensional analyses for several metrics.

DownloadOverview Doc Complete QuickAnalytics DataDiscovery Presentation
Download App Download Snapshot file to deploy QA DataDiscovery App (.bar file pwd=Admin123)

BI Cloud Service SampleApp V408
The out-of-the-box Sample Application that showcases BI Cloud Service functionality

DownloadOverview Doc SampleApp overview presentation
Download App Download snapshot file to deploy SampleApp (.bar file pwd=Admin123)

Oracle Field Service Cloud Sample ReportsApp
Oracle Field Service Cloud users can use this app to integrate daily extract files from Oracle field service Cloud into BICS

DownloadOverview Doc this document provides an overview of the integration between OFSC and BICS
Download App Download snapshot file to deploy on BICS(password- 11111111) and config files to deploy on OFSC

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