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OracleBI Spreadsheet Add-In enables end users to display and navigate Oracle OLAP data from within Excel. Users can treat the Oracle OLAP data as regular Excel data. For example, they can create formulas and graphs, which enables them to combine the powerful analytic capabilities of Oracle OLAP with standard Excel functionality. Using a wizard-driven interface, users can select data from Oracle OLAP simply by choosing from a list of values or by creating advanced selections, such as those based on exceptions, top/bottom analysis, or hierarchies. In addition, users can create Oracle OLAP-based calculations using a wizard. The built-in Query Wizard and Calculation Wizard are similar to the wizards used in other OracleBI products, such as Discoverer, thus ensuring a consistent interface.

  • Easy-to-use front end in which users create queries using business terms.
  • User interface that is shared with other Oracle Business Intelligence products.
  • User access to the latest data and to a shared data model.
  • Scalability because queries run in the Oracle database.

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