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Oracle Hyperion Essbase Integration Services (Essbase Integration Services) software is a suite of graphical tools and scalable data integration services that will dramatically reduce the time and expense required to create, deploy, and manage tailored applications.

Essbase Integration Services enables the creation of a logical OLAP analysis model from tables, views, and columns of relational databases and data warehouses. It is used to access the OLAP model to create a meta-outline containing the structure and rules required to generate a Hyperion Essbase outline. In addition, it uses the meta-outline to create and populate an Essbase multidimensional database.

Essbase Integration Services is the core Essbase component that enables Hybrid Analysis. Hybrid Analysis integrates an Essbase multidimensional database with relational databases and /or data warehouses, in either of the following modes:

Storing only aggregated data in Essbase and detail data in the relational repository. This facilitates drill-through analysis and the generation of drill-through reports and dashboard navigation. Storing all data in a relational repository, which is known as Advanced Relational Access.

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 Oracle Essbase Studio
 Oracle Essbase Administration Services
 Oracle Essbase Integration Services
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What's New

Oracle Essbase Integration Services, Fusion Edition V.11.1.1 Release Highlights

Release 9.3 Highlights

  • Select from alternate source tables when building and loading Essbase databases. During data loads, you may select a different physical table for your fact table
  • Supports spaces in table names
  • 64-bit support on all platforms supported by Essbase
  • What's New in Hyperion Essbase Release 9.3?

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