Oracle Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) Suite

Leveraging Oracle Fusion Middleware's hot-pluggable architecture, Oracle EDA Suite combines a lightweight, java application container for event-driven applications with connectivity to fully J2EE compliant Oracle and non-Oracle application servers and messaging buses. The offering includes native support to create, process, and monitor events and provides a flexible, declarative environment to rapidly build and adapt event-driven applications.

It consists of (i) a Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine to handle a high throughput of events with extremely low latency and evaluate patterns in event data; (ii) a Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) solution to define and monitor events and event patterns that occur throughout an organization; (iii) a Business Rules engine to capture, automate and flexibly change business policies; (iv) an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to connect applications and route messages; (v) Enterprise Messaging to reliable deliver event messages with configurable qualities-of-service.


- Oracle Complex Event Processing (CEP)
- Oracle Business Activity Monitoring
- Oracle Enterprise Service Bus (part of Oracle SOA Suite)
- Oracle Rules (part of Oracle SOA Suite)

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