July 2009 - Webcast Resource Links
Oracle Content Management Quarterly Customer Updates

We discussed several product updates and announcements on the July quarterly customer Webcast, including a discussion and demonstration of the upcoming Imaging and Process Management 11g release:

Recent News & Updates
- ECM Alerts Blog
- Recently reorganized UCM Patches on My Oracle Support (Metalink)
- UCM & I/PM Support Date Extensions
- IRM Desktop releases
- CS10gR35 Core Update Bundle Component release for UCM & URM (
 - New UCM WLP Virtual Content Repository (VCR) adapter released
- Single Sign On & Universal Content Management info
- Upcoming IOUG Webcast: Site Studio Performance Tuning (August 2009)

Oracle Imaging & Process Management 11g Sneak Preview
- New architecture & features
- Demonstration

Access the recording and presentation from the July 28th / 29th Webcast. See My Oracle Support Note: 568127.1.

Links to Resources Mentioned During the Webcast

Recently Launched Oracle ECM Alerts Blog
 Visit: blogs.oracle.com/ecmalerts  
You can subscribe via email or receive RSS feeds - a great way to learn about upcoming product releases & events.

Support Updates
- Note that UCM Patches on My Oracle Support (Metalink) are now organized under 10.1.3. If you have saved searches for your patches, please remember to update the versions.
- Prepare for the Classic Metalink support portal retirement - Document 838708.1.
- UCM & I/PM 10gR3 Support Timeframes extended.

Single Sign On (SSO) &  Universal Content Management
- Tech Article: Out-of-the-box Single Sign-On Capabilities with Oracle Universal Content Management 10gR3 (PDF)
- FAQs for Using Oracle Access Manager with Oracle UCM” (How do I install, verify, etc.): Note 851622.1 

Site Studio Performance Tuning Webcast
IOUG is hosting a Webcast on Site Studio Performance Tuning
Speaker: Brian "Bex" Huff
Thursday, August 13, 2009 - 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CDT
Webcast registration link no longer available.

Product News
* Information Rights Management upcoming release and added support for Adobe Reader 9.1 & IE 8
* Universal Records Management - CS10gR35 Core Update Bundle Component released in July (view the Steps to Maintain Document for Content Server - Note ID: 756451.1) and JRockit now included
* Universal Content Management - CS10gR35 Core Update Bundle Component released in July (view the Steps to Maintain Document for Content Server - Note ID: 756451.1),  JRockit now included, new clean content component, and new UCM WebLogic Portal Virtual Content Repository (VCR) adapter released.
*Imaging and Process Management - we did a sneak preview of the 11g release. We're planning to hold additional webcasts on various topics for  I/PM such as workflow, migration, application integration, etc. Stay tuned for more.