Instructional Viewlets for Site Studio 10gR4
bullet Creating a Project and Template. Shows how to create a new Project and Template in 10gR4
bullet Adding Content to a Placeholder. Creating a properly constructed Placeholder
bullet Creating a Static List. Creation of a Static List Element
 Creating a Dynamic List. Creation of a Dynamic List Element
 Dynamic Conversion of a Native Document. Dynamic Conversion of a Native Document in Site Studio (New!)

Site Studio 10gR4 Knowledge Articles
 Using Site Studio In External Applications. Detailed explanation of the new WCM_PLACEHOLDER and the WCM_BEGIN_EDIT_SESSION services

Sample Packaged Sites for Site Studio 10gR4
 WCM Sample Site. This is a sample Web Site that provides information on the element, region definition, and region template samples
 WCM Raw Sample Files. Sample Element Definitions, Region Definitions, Region Templates, and Page Templates for Site Studio 10gR4

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