Oracle Event Driven Architecture

Today’s leading organizations are extending their applications to incorporate business events to achieve real-time analysis and response. However, hand-coding applications for event processing requires complex development skills and often fails to achieve business agility. Oracle’s Event-Driven Architecture Solution provides companies across a range of industries – including financial services, telecommunications, retail, government and manufacturing – the ability to become a real-time enterprise, enabling the build, deployment and management of event-driven architectures through a pre-integrated toolset of event processing technologies.

Oracle’s Event-Driven Architecture Solution is comprised of best-in-class Oracle Fusion Middleware components and complements the service-interaction model of SOA, providing infrastructure to manage both simple event-based interactions and more complex event analysis for pattern matching in real-time. It combines a lightweight, java application container for complex event processing with fully JEE compliant applications for service bus and business activity monitoring functionality deployed to standard java servers including Oracle WebLogic Suite. It consists of (i) a Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine to handle a high throughput of events with extremely low latency and evaluate patterns in event data; (ii) a Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) solution to define and monitor events and event patterns that occur throughout an organization; (iii) a Business Rules engine to capture, automate and flexibly change business policies; (iv) a Service Bus to connect applications and route messages; (v) Enterprise Messaging to reliable deliver event messages with configurable qualities-of-service; (vi) an integrated data grid technology to scale to enterprise-class event processing use cases; and (vii) the industry’s leading high-performance java virtual machine to ensure deterministic garbage collection for high-throughput, low latency event processing on a java platform.

The Oracle Event-Driven Architecture Solution is a comprehensive, enterprise-class solution for creating, processing, and monitoring events and provides a flexible, declarative environment to rapidly build and adapt event-driven applications. Oracle EDA Suite improves an organization’s ability to predict change by improving its visibility to happenings in the physical world and business environment in real time. It leverages existing investments by being modular, open, extensible and hot-pluggable; this eliminates the need to remove or replace existing systems as well as supporting incremental deployment and ROI. Finally it extends system and application performance with a lightweight, Java approach to event-driven application deployment.

Event Driven Architecture Products
 Oracle Complex Event Processing
 Oracle Business Activity Monitoring
 Oracle Service Bus
 Oracle Coherence
 Oracle JRockit
 Oracle Web Services Management

Technical Information
 Data Sheet: Oracle Event-Driven Architecture Suite (PDF)
Highlights the Oracle Event-Driven Architecture Suite (EDA Suite) which is comprised of the best-in-class Oracle Fusion Middleware components and enables customers to monitor, analyze, and respond to events in real time.
 Technical White paper: Complex Event Processing (PDF)
This whitepaper describes the Oracle Complex Event Processing 11g architecture and lightweight modular application
Event Stream Processing in the Real World.
 Technical White paper: Business Activity Monitoring (PDF)
This whitepaper describes the Business Activity Monitoring11g and how it satisfies the growing need to enable Business Executives, and Operations Managers, to make intelligent decisions by making real-time actionable information available 24x7.

 Demo: An Event-driven SOA Airline (flash)
This demonstration shows the powerful combination of EDA and SOA with the major activities involved in airport operations specifically relating to the airline check-in, baggage handling, and departure processes. The demonstration illustrates the ability of Oracle CEP to "detect missing events" where the absence of those events provides important insight into the ability to meet customer expectations and ensure future customer satisfaction. All missing bag events are detected and forwarded to Oracle Business Activity Monitoring and displayed on a dashboard. For a missing bag that doesn't make a flight, this unresolved situation triggers processing with Oracle BPM, where a business process is initiated for a human or automatic intervention.

Technical Presentations
Presentation: Event-Driven SOA, Real-Time Situational Awareness Solutions Harnessing the Power of EDA (PDF)
This presentation highlights the major concepts and basic implementation patterns for ED-SOA solutions. This is joint presentation with Stephanie McReynolds, Director of Product Management, Robin J. Smith, Product Management/Strategy Director, Clemens Utschig-UItschig, Senior Principal Product Manager, and Llloyd E. Williams, Principal Product Manager
 Oracle OpenWorld 2008: Tradeweb - Revolutionizing the Financial Marketplace with Oracle Event-Driven Architecture Suite (PDF)
Joint presentation with Robin J. Smith, Oracle Product Management/Strategy Director and Stephani Smith, Director, VP Data Mining Tradeweb
 Oracle OpenWorld 2008: Oracle SOA Suite in Financial Services (PDF)
Financial Services presentation by Maneesh Joshi, Oracle Marketing Manager, Steve Leung, and fxALL

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