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  NEW! Oracle AIA 11g Performance Tuning White Paper
This document describes the guidelines and results for the performance tuning of AIA 11.x.
It covers the following topics:
  • Guidelines: provides a step by step approach to tuning AIA deployments.
  • Test Configuration: describes the hardware, software and topology used to perform the performance tuning exercise.
  • Performance Tuning of Asynchronous Flow and Performance Tuning of Synchronous Flow

  Cloud Integration White Paper
The paper includes three technical examples of cloud integration with Oracle Fusion Applications, Saleforce, and Workday and follows with the importance of taking a comprehensive approach to also include service aggregation, service virtualization, cloud security considerations and the benefit of maintaining a unified approach to monitoring and management despite an increasingly distributed hybrid infrastructure. Nov-2012

 New OTN ArchBeat podcast featuring 2012 Service Technology Symposium speakers Thomas Erl, Tim Hall and Demed L’Her has just been published.
Listen to their discussion about Service Technology, IT architecture and the Prentice Hall Service Technology Book Series! Tune into the first 3 parts here. Aug-2012

 Five Frequently Asked Questions About EXTERNAL Web Services in Fusion Applications
If you're interested to find the answers to these questions (and find out what the questions are), plesae visit Rajesh Raheja's blog on Enterprise Software Development: Five Frequently Asked Questions About EXTERNAL Web Services in Fusion Applications Aug-2012

 SOA Suite 11g Purging Guide
We now have a single source of truth concerning Purging in My Oracle Support. Please check out this blog post for details. May-2012

 Making the Most of the Oracle Enterprise Repository for Oracle Fusion Applications
Oracle Fusion Applications provides various ways to integrate its functional capabilities with other Oracle applications as well as third party and legacy applications. This paper provides an overview of discovering the artifacts used for such integrations and for use in implementations in general. It focuses on the use of the Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER) for Oracle Fusion Applications as a one-stop shop for discovering and governing Oracle Fusion Applications design time metadata. Mar-2012

 Installing a Basic two-node WebLogic Cluster running Oracle SOA Suite and Foundation Pack
This page includes a list of User Productivity Kits (UPK) to serve as a starting point to introduce the concepts and showcase a two-node WebLogic cluster running Oracle SOA Suite and Foundation Pack. Feb-2012

 Guide to Implementing Application Integration Architecture on Oracle Service Bus (OSB)
This document describes how to implement end-to-end flows as well as service layers using AIA based design patterns leveraging Oracle Service Bus (OSB) technology. It defines programming models for developing Enterprise Business Service (EBS), Application Business Connector services, and Message exchange patterns. In addition, this document discusses the various use cases that warrant the use of OSB with respect to AIA. Mar-2011

 AIA 11gR1 Installation and Deployment – Flexibilities, Topologies, Architecture and Tools
This paper will lay focus on the AIA Installer, the Deployment Tools and Architecture that AIA FP provides, that will enable you to deploy services and other content in an easy, controlled and repeatable manner. Feb-2011

 Developing AIA Connector Services for SAP
This whitepaper will discuss how you can use AIA to integrate your Oracle and non-Oracle applications with SAP and build cross-functional business processes. It outlines how to connect to an SAP system using AIA and discusses how leveraging AIA prebuilt enterprise objects and services. Oct-2009

 Integrating SAP with Oracle AIA Foundation Pack
This white paper aims to illustrate why AIA is the right choice for integrating with SAP and will describe hoow AIA’s canonical data model is well-suited to match SAP’s data model and how AIA establishes connectivity to any SAP environment. Oct-2009

 Oracle EBO Concepts - Concepts, Structure, Terminologies and Design Rules
This document outlines the concepts, standards, structure, and terminology involved in the process of Enterprise Business Objects (EBO) development. This document describes the building blocks of the EBOs, the technical prescriptions made during the process, the design choices, the structure of the Enterprise Object Library, and extensibility. Aug-2009

 Bulk Processing with Oracle Application Integration Architecture
This paper describes the techniques and patterns used to implement large volume bulk-processing integrations while supporting the larger SOA infrastructure. Jan-2009

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