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Designed to promote rapid deployment, re-usability, and configurability of business processes, AIA Foundation Pack saves significant time, effort and cost, compared to building integrations from the ground up and helps you realize the value of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) at an accelerated pace.

Utilities take AIA Foundation Pack to the next level providing tools to enhance productivity, to facilitate content and technical governance and templates helping you to follow our AIA guidelines. Learn more: Oracle AIA Foundation Pack Utilities Tools Datasheet.


 Artifacts Generator
 XSL Mapping Analyzer
 PIP Auditor
 Integration Templates

Artifacts Generator

  • Tool to jump-start for ABCS development
  • Will generate code only for repeatable, mundane tasks
  • In Future, Providing an AIA Wizard for generating semi-constructed ABC
  • Need for enforcing architectural governance policies
    • Adhering to programming models
    • Adhering to naming conventions / rules
  • Need to enforce programming consistencies across projects
  • Automatic Interface (WSDL) creation for ABCS (requestor as well as provider)
  • Code Generation for Inbound & Outbound Service interaction related tasks
    • Invocation of Enterprise Business Services
    • Invocation of Application Services
    • Error Handling Code snippet
  • Code generation for plumbing tasks
    • CAVS Enabling
    • Extension Enabling induction of injection points
    • EBM Header Population
    • Namespace declarations
  • Automatic code generation for runtime discovery of end points (multiple instances support)
  • Configuration Settings based on Design Patterns
  • EBM Header transformation scripts and transformation for the root Business Message  element
  • Configuration file properties for the ABCS
  • Error handling fault policy file


XSL Mapping Analyzer

XSL Mapping Analyzer (XMAN) is part of AIA Developer Tools available in  My Oracle Support note 782351.1.

  • Generates mapping reports highlighting custom extensions, indexed by EBO, App, Service or Process Integration Pack (PIP).
  • Resolves technical governance issues of consistency in attribute mappings and XREF/DVM usage.
  • Functional interoperability between PIPs.
  • Jumpstart projects and encourages reuse by using existing mapping information.
  • Enhances productivity by helping populate design time EBO mapping spreadsheets.
  • Assist with PIP upgrades by identifying custom extensions.


PIP Auditor

PIP Auditor is part of AIA Developer Tools available in My Oracle Support note 782351.1.

  • Static code analysis to check for technical AIA standards compliance, producing TOGAF (The Open Group Architetcure Framework) rating, violation statistics, summary and detail reports. Flexible, easy to add XML based rules.
  • Assist in performing technical validation of partner developed solutions, customer integrations and Oracle Process Integration Packs (PIPs).
  • White box/code level quality assurance, providing line/column level drill down.
  • Enhance productivity by checking for thousands of potential violations.
  • Effective design-time SOA governance, for patterns, security, extensibility etc.


Integration Templates

The purpose of these tools is to provide various templates that are useful in developing and implementing an AIA integration.  These templates are part of the AIA Integration Toolkit.

AIA Integration Templates are available in My Oracle Support note 879480.1.

 AIA EBO Mapping Governance.ppt

Presentation of the background and governance approach taken within AIA for EBO mappings

 AIA EBO Mapping Template.xls

Spreadsheet template for mapping one or more application interfaces to an EBO

 AIA Estimator Tool V5e.xls

Spreadsheet designed to help develop estimates for integration projects that utilize AIA

 AIA Integration Functional Overview Template.pptx

Template for describing or presenting a high- to mid-level overview of an integration project. The template contains pages for integration overview, assumptions, business processes, integration flows summary, flow details, and reviews.

 AIA Integration Technical Design Document Template.doc

Technical Design Document template used within AIA for integration projects.

 AIA Solution Validation Checklist.docx

Checklist of architectural design and implementation standards recommended by AIA. This checklist should be used in combination with the AIA Compliance Reporting tool (AKA "PIPAuditor") to ensure compliance with AIA standards.

 AIA Test Case Template.xls

Template for defining and maintaining a test case repository for an integration project, as well as tracking test case results.


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