Installing a Basic two-node WebLogic Cluster running Oracle SOA Suite and Foundation Pack

  • This page includes a list of User Productivity Kits (UPK) to serve as a starting point to introduce the concepts and showcase a two-node WebLogic cluster running Oracle SOA Suite and Foundation Pack.
  • Throughout this session, viewers will learn about the available resources, and will see step-by-step how the cluster is implemented.
  • We create a basic cluster topology as a subset of the larger topology implemented in the Enterprise Deployment guide in order to build a foundation for understanding.
  • After viewing this session, users should have more confidence as they approach the design and implementation of an enterprise topology with WebLogic cluster running SOA Suite and Foundation Pack.

Getting Started



 Accessing the Documentation
   Downloading the Software



Database and Environment Preconfiguration

   Database Configuration
   Shared Storage

Web Tier

 Oracle HTTP Server

Application Tier

 Installing Fusion Middleware Home
   Creating a Domain
   Preparing the Domain and Validating AdminServer
   Preparing and Validating Managed Server
   Node 2 Setup
   Configuring Java Object Cache for Oracle WSM
   HTTP Service Configuration

Configuring SOA

   Extending the Domain for SOA Components
   Configuring Coherence for Deploying Composites
   Setting Connection Destination Identifiers for B2B Queues
   Preparing and Validating Managed Server
   Node 2 Setup
   HTTP Service Configuration
   Setting WLS Cluster Address for Direct Binding/RMI Invocations
   Configuring Persistence Stores
   Testing with Hello World
   Installing Foundation Pack
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