Oracle 9i Application Server - TopLink
TopLink Value Add Over EJB

What benefits does TopLink provide?

TopLink accelerates the performance of Java applications
Reduces development effort by allowing customers to focus on building solutions and not infrastructure

Through its non-intrusive approach, supports a wide variety of Java application architectures

For the features and benefits matrix, click here.

With EJB 2.0, do I still need TopLink?

EJB 2.0 ONLY covers Container Managed Persistence (CMP) of entity beans. EJB 2.0 does not provide a persistence solution for commonly used Java architectures, such as:

  • Regular Java objects using Servlets and JSPs
  • Session Beans accessing "regular" Java business objects
  • Entity Beans using Bean Managed Persistence

TopLink facilitates and manages persistence in both EJB and non-EJB architectures.

Does TopLink still add value when using EJB 2.0 CMP?

Yes, even when using a CMP architecture, TopLink provides considerable advantages over the basic EJB 2.0 specification which include:

  • Complete freedom to mix entity beans with lightweight Java objects
  • Better performance
  • Enhanced developer productivity with visual Mapping Workbench
  • Support for database features such as stored procedures and outer-joins
  • Optimized transactions and database interaction
  • In-memory querying support
  • Ability to use same concepts on non-CMP architectures
  • Advanced, sophisticated mapping support
  • Flexible optimistic and pessimistic locking strategies
  • Reporting framework

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