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Oracle Portal Developer Services provides Portal developers with the latest technology, content and services, so you can quickly build, test and implement well-designed portlets. Registration is a couple of clicks away, and totally FREE!

As a Subscriber to Oracle Portal Developer Services, you can:
Access a number of services and resources available exclusively to the Portal developer community. Not only will you be able to access the development team within Oracle, but you can also tap into the greater community of Portal developers who have developed expertise in working with portlets.
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Technical Information

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Subscriber Services

Focus Area Bullet. Newsletters:
Receive our periodic newsletter to keep you informed of the latest content and software related to Portal development. Also, feel free to browse through the newsletter archives to get up to date.
Focus Area Bullet. Developer Spotlights:
Enjoy a well-deserved spotlight in our hall of fame in acknowledgement of your contributions to the Knowledge Exchange. This is a great opportunity to share your success story with peers, friends and family.
Focus Area Bullet. Hosted Portal:
You can host and test your own standards-based portlets on the hosted Portal Standards site without needing to install and manage your own portal instance. Testing out your own portlet is as simple as typing in a URL.
Focus Area Bullet. PDK Previews:
The pre-release versions of the Portal Developer Kit gives you exclusive access to the latest how-to articles and development tools to help you build your own portlets.
Focus Area Bullet. Subscriber-only Surveys:
Participate in quick polls and detailed surveys, published specifically to gather your feedback on important topics.

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