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Developing Java Persistence API applications is greatly simplified compared to earlier version of EJB persistence. Although this means that developers can more easily hand-code and configure persistence, there still remains significant benefits to good support for JPA in leading IDE's. Oracle is commited to leading this effort with the support offered with Oracle JDeveloper and Eclipse.


Oracle JDeveloper offers support for developing with JPA as well as developing and testing EJB 3.0 Session beans.

JDeveloper JPA features include: reverse engineering JPA Entities from database tables wizard, wizard for generating of EJB 3.0 Session Beans with EntityManager injection and methods for querying JPA Entities, and test client generation.

Oracle JDeveloper 10g home page

JPA development with JDeveloper - online demo

EJB 3.0 with JPA development with JDeveloper - online demo

Introduction to EJB 3.0 Using JDeveloper 10g and OC4J


Eclipse Dali

JPA support in Eclipse and in the Oracle Enterprise for Eclipse (OEPE) is provided by the Oracle lead Dali project. It's focused on the creation and editing of Entities for both application managed and container managed deployments (in conjunction with the Web Tools Platform).

Dali features include: reverse engineering Entities from database tables, generation of database schema from mapped Entities, and validation of Entity mappings against the database schema.

Dali Project home page.

Using TopLink JPA with Dali
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