Oracle Application Server 10g (10.1.3) How-To's

The following how-to documents highlight OC4J 10g (10.1.3) features. They provide a high-level overview of a feature along with relevant code excerpts to illustrate how the feature can be used.

 How-To Use Application Properties ( zip ) Aug-2006 
 How-To Register MBeans on Container Startup ( zip ) Aug-2006 
 How-To Create Simple JMX MBeans ( zip ) Mar-2006 
 Creating Application JMX Listeners( zip ) July-2008 
 How-To Swap Oracle JDBC Drivers ( zip ) Aug-2006 
 How-To Swap XML Parsers ( zip ) Aug-2006 
 How-To Configure and Use Job Scheduler with database persistence ( zip ) Aug-2006 
 How-To Configure and Use Job Scheduler with JMS persistence ( zip ) Aug-2006 
 How-To Configure and Use JCA 1.5 Resource Adapters ( zip ) Aug-2006 
 How-To Configure and Use Data Sources ( zip ) Aug-2006 
 How-To Configure and Use JNDI ( zip ) Aug-2006 
 How-To Configure and Use Proxy-authentication with Data Sources ( zip ) Aug-2006 
 How to Configure and use Active MQ JCA 1.5 Resource Adapter with OC4J 10 g (10.1.3) ( zip ) Oct-2006
 How-To Use ORMI/SSL with OC4J ( zip ) Jan-2006 
 How-To Propagate a transaction context between OC4J instances ( zip ) Jan-2006 
 How-to Stop an MDB via JMX (Blog)  Oct-2006
 How-to Establish a Remote connections to OC4J with JConsole (Blog)  May-2006
  Servlets and JSP / Web Container
 How-To Use Dependency Injection in a Web Module ( zip ) Aug-2006
 How-To Use Servlet 2.4 Features ( zip ) Aug-2006
 How-To Use HTTPClient in OC4J 10g ( zip ) Aug-2006
 War File MANIFEST.MF and Classloading ( zip ) July-2008
  Web Services
 How-To Use MTOM to exchange binary data ( zip ) Aug-2006
 How-To Develop a Web Service From an Existing Java Class ( zip ) Jan-2006
 How-To Develop a Web Service From a WSDL Document ( zip ) Jan-2006 
 How-To Generate a Web service using Web service Metadata Annotations (JSR 181) ( zip) Jan-2006
 How -To Use WS Security between OracleAS Web Services and Microsoft .Net  ( zip ) Feb-2006
 How to Use JDeveloper 10.1.3 to Secure and Test a Web Service  May-2006
 How-to Share State of Stateful Web Services Between Clients (Blog) Feb-2007
 How to use SOAP Compression using JAX-RPC, on OC4J (Blog)   Jan-2007
 How to use SSL with OracleAS Web Services (Blog)   Oct-2007
  Spring Framework
 Using the New Spring JTA Transaction Manager ( zip)   Mar-2007
 Use EJB 3.0 and Java Persistence API with Spring in OC4J ( zip)   Jan-2007
 Spring-TopLink Pet Clinic Demo   Jan-2007
  Messaging (JMS)
 How-to: Oracle Advanced Queuing Integration with WebLogic Server ( zip )
 Oracle Streams Samples and Best Practices
This Oracle Streams page contains some JMS examples for OEMS in database-persistence mode. Database Release 10.2
 PL/SQL Client: Oracle JMS Types Examples
The AQ Streams documentation contains examples showing how to use PL/SQL to send and receive JMS messages. Database Release 10.2
 C++ Client: AQ-related OCCI Examples ( zip )
This set of examples demonstrates how to use the OCCI (C++ interface) to send and receive messages. Database Release 10.2
 How-To Use the OracleAS JMS Router ( zip) Jan-2006
How to Configure and Use Oracle's Generic JMS Resource Adapter  
   With SonicMQ JMS ( zip ) Feb-2006
 How-to Create as Simple MDB with Oracle Database JMS Provider (Blog)  Sept-2006
 How-to Propagate JMS Messages to Multiple Targets (Blog)  Sept-2006
 How-to use OracleAS JMS, Hermes and MBeans (Blog)  Sept-2006
  J2EE Security / JAAS
 How-To Integrate a Custom JAAS Login Module in OracleAS ( zip ) Feb-2006
 How-To Reset oc4jadmin password (Blog) Dec-2006
  Oracle Rules Engine
 How-To Build a Rules Enabled Java Application ( zip ) Jan-2006
 How-To build a Rules Enabled Application using XML facts ( zip ) Jan-2006
  Additional Resources
 Tutorial for Java EE Developers (
 How to use SASH Starter 2.0 with OracleAS 10g R3
 EJB 3.0 How-To's
 Oracle TopLink How-To's
 Oracle JDeveloper How-To's
 How-To Use Eclipse with OC4J 10g (Eclipse Web Tools Project Page)
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