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Frequently Asked Questions  Jan 2006

Build Superior Java Applications with Oracle TopLink (PDF)   Sep 2005

Oracle TopLink Support and Certification Matrices

Overview of TopLink Locking and Caching Nov 2004

 History of TopLink Nov 2004

TopLink Object-Relational (JPA, EJB)

Preparing for EJB 3.0 Nov 2004

 Taking JPA for a Test Drive - by Samudra Gupta
A case study in the use and deployment of Java Persistence API (JPA) Nov 2006
 Unit of Work White Paper (PDF)  Sep 2003

Oracle TopLink By Example
Want to avoid the tedium of hand-coding your application's persistence layer? This hands-on tutorial demonstrates the alternative.  Aug 2003

Don't Be Stubborn When Persistence Is Concerned
Learn how Oracle TopLink can help you avoid "do-it-yourself" syndrome, article by Sudhakar Ramakrishnan.  Mar 2003

 OracleAS TopLink Release 2: Add Additional Value over EJB Aug 2002

Built for Speed: Benchmarking Oracle9iAS TopLink
TopLink performance expert Mike Norman discusses methods for measuring and optimizing TopLink's run-time performance. May 2003

Developer Integration: Oracle9iAS TopLink Accelerates
Connect Java and databases more quickly and easily using Oracle9iAS TopLink.  Mar 2003

The Middleware Architecture Series: Architecting for Persistence  Dec 2002

TopLink Object-XML (JAXB)

Introduction to TopLink Object-XML Mapping Nov 2004

Introducing TopLink's Object-to-XML Support (Oracle Java Online Seminars)  Nov 2004

Using TopLink with ADF

Tutorial: Build an End-to-End Web Application with ADF Faces and Oracle TopLink

Building J2EE applications using JDeveloper, ADF and TopLink (Oracle Java Online Seminars)  Nov 2004

Learning Oracle ADF: A Beginner's Story
A case study by University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. Nov 2006

Using TopLink with Spring

Using Oracle TopLink with the Spring Framework
by Lonneke Dikmans, Oracle Fusion Middleware Regional Director
Build a sample application using Spring 1.2.8 and Oracle TopLink with Oracle JDeveloper 10g, step by step.
Sep 2006

Of Persistence and POJOs: Bridging the Object and Relational Worlds. The combination of Oracle TopLink and Spring's DAO layer offers a high-performance, productive approach to persisting Plain Old Java Objects. Article by Rod Johnson and Jim Clark Feb 2005


Persistence Goes Prime Time at the US Department of Defense
This article from the Middleware Architecture Series describes using Oracle TopLink within a large enterprise Java application.  Dec 2003

Orca Interactive Announces Benchmark Results for Broadband-TVon the Newly Released RiGHTv™ 3.5
Record Breaking Results Achieved Running on Oracle Technology.  Jan 2004

Oracle TopLink 10g Release 3 (

January 2006

Feature Overview


Information and Download

Oracle TopLink 10g Release 2 (   Sep 2005

Release Notes


Feature Overview

Oracle TopLink 10g (9.0.4)   Dec 2003

Release Notes


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