Oracle Web Cache

Oracle Web Cache is a content-aware server accelerator, or reverse proxy, for the web tier that improves the performance, scalability, and availability of Web sites running on any web server or application server, such as Oracle HTTP Server and Oracle WebLogic Server. Oracle Web Cache can serve large numbers of client requests, offloading the more expensive and complicated application/database servers.

Caching - Oracle Web Cache serves in-memory cached contents, determined programmically or declaratively, to clients requesting them. Even for uncached contents, Oracle Web Cache provides efficient delivery by using on-the-fly compression, dynamically learning which MIME types are compressible, and throttling responses to slower network clients.

Request Filtering - Oracle Web Cache provides request filtering. With request filtering, Oracle Web Cache can detect and reject unwanted or malformed requests or can validate legal requests without ever reaching the application.

Built-in clustering, load balancing, and failover features of Oracle Web Cache enhance the application's availability. While integrated with Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Web Cache is also compatible with third party application servers and content management systems. Oracle Web Cache 11g is available off the Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Web Tier and Utilities DVD.

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