WSRP and JSR 168 Standards
Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) and JSR 168 standards enable the interoperability of portlets across different portal platforms. Oracle has contributed significantly to the WSRP specification. Oracle also actively contributed as a member of the expert group for JSR168 and advocated strongly for ensuring compatibility with WSRP. Oracle's leadership and support for these standards allows customers and partners to consume standards-based portlets in Oracle Portal.

Applying the Portal upgrade to Oracle Application Server brings Oracle Portal to version 10.1.4, which can consume JSR 168 portlets through WSRP.  To learn more about building and consuming portlets, refer to the Portal Developer's Guide.

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Focus Area Bullet. View a sample page running remote JSR 168.
Focus Area Bullet. Use the OracleAS Portal Verification Service for WSRPThis hosted service allows vendors building WSRP producers to test that their implementations run in Oracle's environment. It provides an environment for registering your WSRP producer and adding its portlets to a portal page. The service also contains an Oracle WSRP producer containing sample portlets implemented using the Oracle Portlet Developer Kit.
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