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Oracle TopLink 10g Release 3 (

October 2006


This document describes the key features introduced Oracle TopLink 10g (

The 10.1.2/9.0.4 feature overview available here.

Object-Relational and Core

  • General
    • Logging upgraded to use JDK java.util.logging
    • Platform abstractions for data-source, application server, and XML parser
    • JMX access to MBeans providing management monitoring and control of logging and profiling
    • TopLink integration with Oracle Dynamic Monitoring System (DMS) to collect runtime statistics
  • EJB 3.0 Java Persistence API (JPA) Support
    • TopLink Essentials, the open source edition of TopLink which is also the JPA reference implementation is included for JPA 1.0 compliance
    • The EJB 3.0 Persistence preview provided in remains available.
  • TopLink CMP support for OC4J
    • Default persistence manager for Container Managed Persistence (CMP)
    • CTS 1.4 compliant support plus additional TopLink mapping and runtime capabilities
    • Integrated mapping support within JDeveloper 10.1.3 Developer preview
    • Fetch Groups
  • Cache
    • Isolated client-session cache
    • Cache Expiry: time-to-live, fixed time of day, API
  • Querying
    • UpdateAllQuery for bulk updates (coordinated with cached data)
    • Historical Querying using Oracle DB flashback or generic schema. Provided through new Historical session.
  • Transaction
    • UnitOfWork can issue updates prior to commit
    • UnitOfWork support of object and attribute mark dirty optimizations in addition to deferred computation of changes
    • JTA Infrastructure Upgrade
  • Extended Oracle Database Functionality
    • Returning policy for INSERT and UPDATE statements where a database trigger assigned values. The returned values will update the cached object state
    • XDB XML Type mapping support and expressions for SQLX querying
    • Stored Function Support


  • JAXB 1.0: Validation and Compiler (generation of model and mappings from XML schema)
  • Basic mappings (required of JAXB)
    • direct to elements and attributes
    • Contains relationships: composite-object (1:1), composite-collection (1:M), and direct-collection
    • Heterogeneous relationships
    • Namespace support
  • Advanced mappings beyond typical JAXB
    • Flexible marshal and unmarshal custom conversions and transformations
    • Path based
    • Positional mappings
  • Document preservation allowing minimal binding to objects without losing the complete document


  • Data-source Platforms for: Oracle AQ, Attunity Connect, MQ Series, and JCA
  • Use of all object-XML mappings for XML interactions
  • One-to-one and one-to-many object-XML mappings across documents
  • Support for indexed records and mapped records

Mapping Editor

  • Improved JDeveloper Integration
    • Support for multiple maps and session configurations
    • Refactoring support
    • EJB 3.0 SessionBean Facade wizard support
    • TopLink JPA Entity generation from tables
  • Standalone Workbench
    • General upgrade of functionality including improved warning handling
    • Support for Object-XML projects and mappings
    • Support for EIS-JCA projects using XML interactions
    • Integration of Sessions Editor into Mapping Workbench
    • Automatic upgrade to new XML schema file formats

Oracle TopLink Examples

The Oracle TopLink installation no longer includes the examples. They available from OTN for download and use along with many how-to's, mapping editor demos, and a quick tour.

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