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Oracle9iAS Portal became available on June 20, 2003.
Platform availability is currently Windows, Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, HP Tru64 and AIX.
Version 6 of the Repository Upgrade Patch became available on June 11, 2004.
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Portal is bundled as two downloads. An update to the middle tier and the repository upgrade scripts. Both downloads are now available. Follow these steps to access the software:
Focus Area Bullet. Step 1: Read the description of the controlled release program.
Focus Area Bullet. Step 2: Familiarise yourself with the upgrade by reading the documentation below. 
Focus Area Bullet. Step 3: Download the required patches for your platform and configuration.
Generic Upgrade Information
Focus Area Bullet. Controlled Release Program
A description of the controlled release program, the reasons for the program, how it works and the current status.
Focus Area Bullet. Portal Middle Tier Patch 2974042
Click on this link to download the Portal Patch, 2974042. Enter your MetaLink login details to reach the download screen.
Focus Area Bullet. Repository Upgrade Patch 2981297
Click on this link to download Version 6 of the Portal Repository Upgrade Patch, 2981297. Enter your Metalink login details to reach the download screen. Always check for the latest version of this patch before running a repository upgrade.
Last updated on 11-Jun-04.
Focus Area Bullet. Related Documentation Overview
The upgrade from Oracle9iAS Portal Release 1 to Release 2 contains steps that Portal is dependent upon but are not part of the Portal repository upgrade. The links in this document will help you navigate to other pieces of Oracle documentation to assist with these steps.
Focus Area Bullet. Technote: Software Toolkit
A listing of the products and patches you may need to perform a Portal upgrade.
Focus Area Bullet. Technote: Upgrading to PDK Java Release 2
Instructions on upgrading Java based providers from PDK Release 1 to Release 2. Can also be found by navigating to the Java link under PDK on portalstudio.oracle.com.
Version 9.0.2 to
Focus Area Bullet. Oracle9iAS Portal Upgrade Guide
The steps involved in upgrading from Portal 9.0.2 to for Windows and Unix.
Focus Area Bullet. Portal Patch Release Notes
This document summarizes the differences between Oracle9iAS Portal and its documented functionality.
Version 3.0.9 to
Upgrading from Portal 3.0.9 to Oracle9iAS is now only supported for customers who are already enrolled in the Controlled Release program. No new enrollments are being accepted at this time. For new customers upgrading from version 3.0.9, follow the instructions under the 9.0.4 Upgrade Target to upgrade directly to OracleAS Portal 10g (9.0.4).
Related Links
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Portal Upgrades
To access information about other upgrade paths follow the link to the main Portal upgrade page and then select the target upgrade version.

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