Oracle Security Governor

Comprehensive Security Governance for Applications And Data in Healthcare

Oracle Security Governor is a unique, comprehensive security governance solution that helps healthcare organizations with both retrospective detection and proactive prevention of security and privacy breaches. Retrospective detection allows rapid detection of suspicious breaches related incidents that might have taken place in the past. With proactive prevention, such breaches can also be averted in real time. This solution provides complete visibility into data and application access with proactive risk monitoring, analytics, and reporting, while taking into account human errors, process failure, insider snooping, suspicious activities, and possible identity theft. Oracle Security Governor helps organizations meet today's tough healthcare compliance requirements.

  • Breach detection and prevention—Detect and prevent suspicious and fraudulent activity. Protect healthcare organizations against data and privacy breach, and damaging insider theft incidents.
  • Compliance beyond audits—Monitor, analyze, review, and govern suspicious activity and anomalous behavior with the aid of dashboards, analytics, and reports.
  • Accelerated enterprise-wide data retrieval—Connect to virtually any heterogeneous enterprise information asset or data source (messaging, database, File, etc.), through a unified connectivity framework that can retrieve fragmented data spread across systems and data sources.

Technical Information
Oracle Security Governor - Datasheet(PDF)

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