Oracle by Example - Interactive Reporting 11.1.1

The Oracle by Example (OBE) series provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform a variety of tasks. The Oracle by Example series reduces the time spent investigating what steps are required to perform a task. Because the step-by-step solutions are built for practical real world situations, not only is knowledge gained through valuable hands-on experience, but also the solutions presented may then be used as the foundation for production implementation, dramatically reducing time to deployment.

To view a tutorial, click on the link below.

Launching Smart View from an Interactive Reporting Document
Managing Images in the Resource Manager with Object Model Scripts


Impact Manager Module

Impact Manager, an Oracle's Hyperion Workspace (Workspace) module, is a collection of features that helps reduce the work required to maintain Interactive Reporting content in the Workspace repository. You can harvest metadata from Interactive Reporting content, identify content that will be impacted by database changes, and efficiently update data models and scripts. Impact Manager is vital for report developers as it is a key tool for managing the life cycle of Interactive Reporting content.

To view a tutorial, click on the link below.

Harvesting Meta Data in Documents
Accommodating Database Table and Column Name Changes
Accommodating Denormalization of Database Tables
Accommodating Deleted Columns in Databases
Identifying Impacted Documents
Replacing Data Models in Impacted Documents