Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer - Demonstrations

Location Intelligence with Oracle BI 11g Map Views Feature This is a demonstration of how the Oracle 11g Business Intelligence Map Views feature can provide spatial insight into your business and how you can make decisions based on that data.
Oracle BI EE & MapViewer Integration (PDF)

This Peak Indicators Limited demonstration shows:

  • BI Dashboards Embedded with MapViewer Maps
  • Spatial Drill-Downs
  • Drill-to-Detail
  • Rectangle Tool
  • BI Publisher plus MapViewer Integration

(Requires Acrobat Reader 9 or above)

CDRinsight (Flash)

CDRinsight is a Business Intelligence application specifically designed as part of a broader solution to address CDR Management and regulatory compliance in the telecommunications industry. It allows Telecoms to gain valuable insight into how the company is performing in a variety of subject areas such as revenue/interconnect assurance, network performance and customer care. If you would like to find out more about this solution, please contact Doug Cackett at "".

Oracle Mapviewer—Business Analysis: A New Imperative (Flash)

Gain business value and insight by combining business intelligence and portal technologies with Oracle Application Server 10g MapViewer and Oracle Spatial.

Oracle MapviewerGeographical OLAP Analysis (Flash) Combine maps and geographical analysis with traditional online analytical processing (OLAP) data and analysis using Oracle Application Server MapViewer, Oracle Spatial, and Oracle OLAP.
eLocation Demo Oracle elocation Services Test Drive