Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer Sample Maps

 Maps Slideshow Volume 2 - Includes HTML5 & Mobile (PDF 23.7MB)

Individual Examples

Electric Utility

 Reported outages and network assets in that area (courtesy AGSI)

 Customers (parcels) affected by an outage (courtesy AGSI)

 Localities affected by outages (courtesy AGSI)

Electric Utility Asset Management

 Assets by operating load status (courtesy AGSI)

 Heat map of transformers by load status (courtesy AGSI)

BI - Mobile

 Sales by region and store

 Sales data by state

 Sales and profits per store

Business Intelligence

 Fraudulent transactions by county

 Flight delay performance for airports within user-specified area of interest

 Customer locations and account status (active, past due, dormant)

 Airports by number of outbound direct flights

 Origin-destination flow analysis. Shipping revenue flow between countries

 Thematic map of sales by territory

 Flight delay performance for user-selected airports

 Stadium floor plan - attendance by stadium section

 Flight routes by number of passengers

Business Intelligence/Retail Analytics

 Drive-time polygons and exclusions zones for geo-demographic analysis (courtesy Bridge Consulting)

 Using isochrones (drive-time polygons) for retail planning and analytics (courtesy Bridge Consulting)

 Simple (radial) trade areas for store analytics (courtesy Bridge Consulting)

 Geo-demographic analysis using drive-time polygons (courtesy Neustar)

 Autoclustering of store locations (courtesy OnMaps/Geofusion)

 Store trade areas (courtesy Neustar)

 Non-overlapping trade areas (courtesy Neustar)

Fleet Management

 Dashboard (courtesy Infotech Turkey)

 Delay  hotspots (courtesy Infotech Turkey)

 Display/re-play route for selected vehicle (courtesy Infotech Turkey)

 Current traffic (courtesy LocationBox/Infotech Turkey)


 Using buffer polygons for geo-demographic analysis (courtesy Geofusion)

 Using buffer polygons for search (courtesy Geofusion)

 City/municipality population (courtesy OnMaps/Geofusion)

 Point if sale locations and household income by census tract (courtesy Geofusion)

 Point of sale locations by revenue (courtesy Geofusion)

 Thematics map of neighborhoods by number of restaurants

 Population density within user-specified area of interest (courtesy Neustar)

 Trade areas and customer segmentation (courtesy Neustar)

 Customer segmentation by zip code (courtesy Neustar)


 State population thematic map

 Thematic map of Twitter followers by country

 Energy utilization by facility infrastructure

 Storm property loss trellis view