Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer Tutorials

 Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer Primer This whitepaper provides an introduction to Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer, including descriptions of Oracle MapViewer and Oracle Maps, setting up the MapViewer environment, loading data, MapViewer installation, creating metadata and data sources and much more. An appendix provides a brief primer for those not familiar with Oracle Locator and Oracle Spatial. (PDF 758KB) (October 2013)


 MapBuilder Tutorial This tutorial describes the steps to create MapViewer metadata for some spatial tables containing columns of type SDO_GEOMETRY. First we import the sample data, next we create some styles, then themes that use these styles, and finally we define a base map that can be used in an Oracle Map application. (Zip 5.1MB) (31-March-2008)


 How to Install Oracle MapViewer Steve Mitchell, a web developer at Garmin International, covers how to install the Oracle MapViewer 11g ( Quick Start Kit. He also tells you where to track down a copy of the data for the MapViewer demos (that is not included with this distribution), and takes you step-by-step through the import of that data and the creation of a permanent datasource. (HTML) (11-October-2013)