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Technical Information

  • Introduction to Mapping and Location Analytics in Oracle using HERE Map Content—More and more, businesses are requiring the capability to show assets on a map, and, more importantly, to visualize their key performance indicators geographically in a clear and concise way. This is driving applications developers, who understand the need to easily add maps and analytics into their applications. HERE provides the geographic data that fuels many of the location analytics and mapping applications in Oracle. This document provides an overview of the capabilities available to Oracle users. Dan Abugov, HERE (PDF 1.4MB)
  • Geocoding in Oracle using HERE Map Content in Oracle Delivery Format—As more enterprises begin using maps for advanced analytics there is a requirement to be able to assign locations (longitude/latitude) to addresses for display on maps and for analytic purposes such demographic analysis and understanding more about how locality/geography effect business. The address can be those of customers, warehouses, store locations, employees, and more. This paper describes how to assign geographic coordinates to addresses using the Oracle Spatial and Graph Geocoder with HERE Map Content. Dan Abugov, HERE (PDF 842KB)