Connect, Integrate and Collaborate with PeopleSoft Applications using Oracle Fusion Middleware

Partners can leverage Oracle Fusion Middleware to build composite applications, integrating with PeopleSoft applications using services oriented architecture. This provides customers with the ability to integrate information, processes and partners within PeopleSoft and across partner systems as business requirements evolve. Partners can either directly connect to PeopleSoft applications using web services or use the adapter for PeopleSoft to enable comprehensive bi-directional, standards-based, real-time connectivity to PeopleSoft 8 applications.

Key Benefits
 Comprehensive, bi-directional, real-time PeopleSoft Connectivity
 Built on a standards-based scalable infrastructure
 Easy-to-use wizard based UI enables rapid development and deployment

 Learn more about what is involved in integrating your application with PeopleSoft applications
 Learn more about the PeopleSoft Adapter for Oracle Fusion Middleware
 See how ISVs have integrated their applications with PeopleSoft applications using Oracle Fusion Middleware

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