Upgrading a Classic Planning Application to Enterprise Performance Management Architect


This tutorial shows you how to upgrade classic Planning 9.3.1 applications to Enterprise Performance Management Architect (EPMA).

Time to Complete

Approximately 15 minutes


This tutorial covers the following topics:

 Preparing the environment for application upgrade
 Upgrading applications
 Related information

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This tutorial covers how to upgrade classic Planning applications to Performance Management Architect applications.

This tutorial focuses on how you can upgrade applications from previous releases to place them in the Dimension Library and Application Library. This ensures that you are ready to get started with the functionality within Enterprise Performance Management Architect.


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Your company currently uses Classic Administration for your Planning applications. As Administrator, you are tasked with upgrading all classic Planning applications to Performance Management Architect.

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Before starting this tutorial, you should:

1.Have Administrator access to classic Planning applications (release 9.3.1).
2.Have Administrator access to Performance Management Architect.
3.Have Administrator access to Essbase.

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Preparing the Environment

In this topic, you back up Planning and Essbase application databases.

You should back up your applications and application databases on a daily basis, and before upgrading an application. To prepare the environment for application upgrade, back up these items to be able to restore to a previous state:

 Planning database
 Essbase outline files for all applications
 Essbase security file
 Essbase configuration file

Full export of Essbase data

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Upgrading Applications

If you have existing classic Planning applications, you must perform tasks to upgrade the applications and bring them into Enterprise Performance Management Architect.

To upgrade applications:


Log on to Performance Management Architect, and select Navigate > Administer > Application Upgrade.



Click Next.



Select the application to upgrade, and click Next.



In the Upgradeabe Application list, select an application, and click Add Add. When you finish adding applications, click Next.



Review the upgrade summary, and click Next.



Review the upgrade status and click Finish.

The Job Console displays the application upgrade status.



Click Refresh Refresh.



Verify that the job status displays Completed at 100%.



Select Navigate > Administer > Application Library to verify that the classic Planning application was upgraded to the Performance Management Architect Application Library.

The SampAp1 application view is displayed in the Application Library.



Double-click the SampAp1 application.



Review the SampAp1 application dimensions in the Dimension Library .


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In this tutorial, you learned how to:

 Prepare the environment for application upgrade
 Upgrade applications

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Related Information

To learn more about Planning 9.3.1, refer to additional OBEs.

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