Migrating Planning Classic Applications to Performance Management Architect


This tutorial covers how to move Planning Classic 11.1.1 applications to Performance Management Architect.

Time to Complete

Approximately 15 minutes.


This tutorial covers the following topics:

 Preparing the Environment
Migrating Applications
 Related information

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In this tutorial, you migrate a Planning Classic application to Performance Management Architect.

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You are the Planning administrator at your company. In the past, you created several applications in Classic Application Administration, including budplan. Your team wants to use this application in Performance Management Architect, so you will migrate it.

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Before starting this tutorial, you should:

1.Have administrator access to a Planning Classic application (budplan is used for this tutorial).
2.Have administrative access to Performance Management Architect.
3.Have administrative access to Essbase.

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Preparing the Environment

You should back up your applications and application databases on a daily basis, and before migrating classic applications to Performance Management Architect.

To prepare the environment for application migration, and be able to restore to a previous state, back up the following items:

 Planning database
 Essbase outline files for all applications
 Essbase security file
 Essbase configuration file
 Full export of Essbase data

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Migrating Applications

To move a Planning Classic application to Performance Management Architect, perform the following steps:


Log on to Workspace.




Select Navigate > Administer > Application Upgrade to display the Application Upgrade Wizard.


On the Application Upgrade Wizard Welcome page, click Next.

The Application Summary page displays the applications available for upgrade. This information is provided from the Shared Services application.



Select the application you want to migrate and click Next.



On the Application Selection page, select the application you want to migrate , click Add to move it to the Application to Upgrade list, and click Next.



Review the Upgrade Summary and click Finish to execute the upgrade.



In Job Console, click Refresh to view the status of the upgrade.



When job status displays as Completed 100%, select Navigate > Administer > Application Library, and confirm that the Planning application is in Performance Management Architect.



Double-click your application to display Dimension Library.



Review the application dimensions in Dimension Library.

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In this tutorial, you learned how to:

cPrepare the environment for application migration
dMigrate applications

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Related Information

To learn more about Planning, refer to additional OBEs.

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