Here you can access the latest information about administering Oracle Portal instance effectively, including the areas of installation, monitoring, security and migration. Understanding how your portal is being used is critical for tuning performance, evolving content, and maximizing the user experience. Also see the Oracle Portal Performance & Sizing page for content related to tuning your portal. 

Technical Information

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Focus Area Bullet. White Paper: Web Services Security for WSRP
The Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) specification indicates that Web Services Security (WS-Security) may be leveraged for providing secure identity propagation between the portal consumer and the portlet producer. However, it does not discuss the specific WS-Security profiles or options that should be employed. This paper describes how to secure access to JSR 168 standards-based WSRP v1 portlets from OracleAS Portal
Focus Area Bullet. TechNote: Configuring a 4-Tier Topology
In Oracle Portal 10 g (10.1.4), the repository gateway was re-architected to become part of the Portal's Java services, allowing for a total separation of the HTTP-centric components (Web cache and Apache) from the Java runtime environment (OC4J). This technical note looks at the steps required to utilize the standard Oracle Portal 10 g installation to implement a full 4-tier topology.
Focus Area Bullet. White Paper: The Implementation of a Departmental Level User Provisioning Model in Oracle Portal 10 g
In large portal deployments, it is often desirable to delegate the management of users and groups to the various organizations to which the user actually belongs. That is, allow the manager of a given department or subsidiary the ability to maintain users within their own organization while maintaining the appropriate corporate security procedures. This paper describes the identity management structure used by Oracle Portal 10 g and how Access Control Policies can be used to create a flexible and secure administration environment that is well suited for multi-organization enterprises.
Focus Area Bullet. White Paper: Expose your Intranet Portal to the Outside World in a Secured Manner (aka. A Secured Inside/Outside Portal)
With the introduction of Web-based technologies, the options available to employees for interacting with their organizations has significantly expanded. Increasingly, employees are accessing the internal systems required to perform their jobs via a telecommuting paradigm. While ubiquitous access to corporate data and applications has significant benefit for remote employees, it introduces some major security concerns. This paper examines Oracle Portal 10 g Release 2 (10.1.4) security technology to enable organizations to provide employees secured access to internal Portal sites over the Internet.
Focus Area Bullet. Oracle Portal 10 g Release 2 (10.1.4) Configuration Guide
Focus Area Bullet. Oracle Application Server 10 g Release 2 Documentation
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