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Find out how to effectively manage your enterprise content using Oracle Portal: load and attribute file-based content, route content for review and approval, view and perform bulk actions, configure a search experience, and integrate content from disparate sources.

Technical Information

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Content Management
Focus Area Bullet. FAQ: Oracle Content Management Integration
With the inclusion of Oracle Content Management solutions (formerly Stellent) in the Oracle portfolio of products, we now offer enterprise-grade content management based on these products. Oracle WebCenter and Oracle Portal enable delivery of content to information workers in the context they require to complete tasks and make decisions efficiently. This paper addresses frequently asked questions, both as they relate to current integration options as well as the strategy and future direction of these products.
Focus Area Bullet. Technote: Integrate Your Content Management Systems into Oracle Portal
In many enterprise portal environments, there is a requirement to surface content from high-end enterprise content management systems such as Oracle ContentDB, Stellent, and other systems with similar capabilities. How can this content be seamlessly surfaced in Oracle Portal? This paper introduces one very effective way of solving this problem: Leverage Oracle WebCenter.
Focus Area Bullet. Technote: Oracle Application Server Portal 10 g Rel 2 (10.1.4) – Content Approvals with BPEL
A long-requested feature of Oracle Portal has been the ability to easily replace the simple, out-of-the-box content approval feature with more advanced and complex third-party workflow products. A powerful set of new APIs for content management integration, the Content Management Event Framework (CMEF), introduced in Oracle Portal 10.1.4, now makes this task significantly easier to achieve. This technote follows a sample use case that illustrates how to use a custom Oracle BPEL workflow for content publishing approval in Oracle Portal.
Focus Area Bullet. Technote: Enhanced Rich Text Editor
Describes new features, enhancements and extensibility options to the Rich Text Editor (RTE) available in Oracle Portal 10 g Release 2 (10.1.4).
Focus Area Bullet. Whitepaper: Manage, Integrate, and Publish your Enterprise Content
Learn how your enterprise content can be published through your portal, whether it is managed in Oracle Portal or anywhere else. The paper also provides an overview of Oracle Portal's content integration technologies, including OmniPortlet, WebDAV, and content APIs.
Focus Area Bullet. Fuse Your Enterprise Content with Your Portal (S748)
Today’s enterprises struggle with the problem of content spread across a multiplicity of systems including document management systems, portals, and file servers. Users are forced to mine these disparate sources to discover what content is available. Although a unified view of the content may be available, managing the content— even performing simple operations—needs to be done repetitively on each individual system; no single point for interactions with all documents is available. This session shows how you can attack this problem today by using Oracle Portal to create a user-facing integration point for content, You learn about emerging standards, such as JSR170, that allow you to access and manage content across repositories in a standardized way and see how these standards will drive Oracle's Content Integration strategy going forward. Access the Supporting Presentation.
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Tutorial: Managing Content Effortlessly: Oracle Drive, Bulk Actions in List Mode, Draft Mode
Access this Oracle by Example tutorial to learn about three new content management features in Oracle Portal 10.1.4, specifically Oracle Drive, bulk actions with List edit mode, and draft mode with approvals.

WebDAV and Desktop Integration
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Download Oracle Drive Production Release
Oracle Drive helps simplify the process of publishing and managing any type of content by leveraging the Internet WebDAV standard and exposing Oracle Portal content management features directly within the Windows Explorer desktop environment.


Technote: How to Install and Configure the Oracle Drive
How to install and configure the Oracle Drive for use with Oracle Portal 10 g Release 2 (10.1.4).

  Viewlet: Demonstration of Oracle Drive in Action
See a demonstration on how to use Oracle Drive to manage and publish content directly from your Windows Desktop.
Focus Area Bullet. Whitepaper: Using WebDAV Clients to Replicate External Content
Describes how to install, configure and use two open source WebDAV clients ( Sitecopy & Cadaver) to copy large volumes of file-based content from an external repository into the Portal Meta-data Repository.
Content Searching
Focus Area Bullet. Whitepaper: Setting Up Oracle UltraSearch
Describes the process for setting up Oracle UltraSearch for use in a customer database. Note that Oracle Portal includes Ultra Search integration and an Ultra Search portlet preconfigured for use with the infrastructure database.
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