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You can integrate your Oracle Portal with a variety of applications and leverage declarative portal publishing to integrate with different types of data sources. The OmniPortlet and Web Clipping wizards are part of PortalTools, an enhancement for Oracle Portal. PortalTools contains new portlets designed to capture and integrate data from multiple data sources including relational databases, Web services, spreadsheets, XML, and Web sites. The OmniPortlet and Web Clipping portlets shift the customization and integration of portal development from information technology (IT) departments to end users, empowering non-technical users to customize portal content and integrate data via self-service interfaces. Similarly, forms and reports can be easily built using the PortletBuilder. The Oracle Portlet Factory is a new development tool to easily integrate and interact with information pulled from SAP. Using market-proven technology, the Oracle Portlet Factory simplifies the development, deployment, and maintenance of custom and composite PDK-Java and standards-based portlets. For custom, complex integration, users can also leverage the PDK programmatic approach to build custom-tailored integration solutions. Download the latest PDK and install the PortalTools application.

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Technical Information

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Enterprise Application Integration
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Supercharge Your Portal Environment
Building custom portlets that aggregate data and process from enterprise applications such as SAP adds tremendous business value to a portal implementation. However, creating those portlets can be a difficult and time-consuming task. To accelerate and simplify the development, deployment, and maintenance of custom and composite portlets, Oracle has just released a new Rapid Application Development tool, the Oracle Portlet Factory. Thanks to a set of out-of-the-box Builders and Models, creating portlets has never been easier. And no Java knowledge is required to build portlets that are native to Oracle Portal (JPDK) or Standards-based (JSR 168).  Download the product now! Check the release notes and installation guide.

Focus Area Bullet. Fuse Your Enterprise Business Applications with Your Portal (S744)
Whether attempting to produce best of breed solutions or trying to consolidate organizations that have standardized on different vendors, businesses find themselves in the situation of having implemented several different Enterprise Application suites, each with its own interface, provisioning system, and security model. The goal of enterprise portals is to present these applications in a single unified interface, but the result has frequently failed to live up to the promise—until now! With the introduction of the PeopleSoft and JD Edwards product suites into the Oracle family of Enterprise Applications, Oracle Portal has successfully integrated three of the industry’s major application suites (Oracle eBusiness Suite, Peoplesoft Enterprise, and JDE EnterpriseOne) into a single user experience. In addition, Oracle has worked with other vendors such as SAP to expose their products within this same interface. This session covers the integration of Oracle Portal with the various Enterprise Application suites available from Oracle, and introduces ways to integrate with SAP, now and into the future with Project Fusion. Access the Supporting Presentation.
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Fuse Your Business Processes with Your Portal (S750)
Process portals fuse transactional systems, business logic, and disparate applications together to deliver a personalized, unified view to the end user. By masking the complexity of back-end systems, a process portal saves you time and increases productivity. This session explains how you can leverage the power of Oracle and BPEL. Oracle BPEL Process Manager is a comprehensive platform for automating business processes and orchestrating interactions between systems, services, people, and partner. Learn how you can use Oracle BPEL Process Manager via the new Oracle Portal Content Management Event Framework (CMEF)to orchestrate Portal Content Management processes and perform Business Activity and Process Monitoring from your portal.  Access the Supporting Presentation. And for a glimpse at how customers, analysts, and consultants view process portals, read Process Portals: A New Way to See Business in the March/April issue of Oracle Magazine.

Focus Area Bullet. Integrate SAP Applications using the OracleAS Provider for SAP iViews
Technologies Integration
Focus Area Bullet. Technote: Oracle Application Server Portal 10g Rel 2 (10.1.4) - Customized Portlets with BPEL
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) offers greater business agility and reduced IT costs when compared to the Web and client/server architecture. However, many organizations are unsure how to get started or are in search of an effective way to roll out SOA within their IT infrastructure without disrupting ongoing operations. In this technical note, you learn how to use Oracle Portal, coupled with supporting Oracle Middleware components, as a start to SOA and composite application development. Specifically, you build a portal interface and portlets that surface business processes orchestrated through Oracle BPEL Process Manager within the context of a single business identity.
Focus Area Bullet. Bring the Java World and Web Services into Your Portal (S749)
One of the most powerful ways to extend portals is using Java and Web services. Oracle Portal allows developers of all levels to leverage the latest Web technologies. In this session, you learn how Oracle Portal empowers business users to pull data into their portals from sources such as Web services and XML, and visualize them without limits. We will demonstrate how easily you can integrate MVC-based applications built with Struts and the Application Development Framework (ADF) into your portal. Learn about interoperability using the Java- and Web service-based portal standards, JSR 168 and WSRP. Finally, understand the potential for bringing portal-like capabilities, such as personalization and portlet support, to J2EE and JavaServer Faces applications. Access the Supporting Presentation.
Integration Tools
Focus Area Bullet. OmniPortlet: Publishing Any Data in Oracle Portal
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Integrate Various Technologies (XML, Web Services, CSV, SQL etc.) using OmniPortlet

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Web Page Clipping using WebClipping

Focus Area Bullet. Integrating Forms and Reports with the Portlet Builder
Collaborative Integration
Focus Area Bullet. Oracle Application Server Provider for Microsoft Exchange from Portlet Integration Solutions
Focus Area Bullet. Oracle Application Server Provider for Lotus Notes from Portlet Integration Solutions
Focus Area Bullet. Oracle Portal 10 g Release 2 (10.1.4) Developer's Guide
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