Page Design and Publishing

Oracle Portal incorporates a portal-building framework with self-service publishing features that enable you to create, publish, and manage information within your portal. It includes many easy-to-use tools for creating layouts, applying styles, adding content, and providing navigation to get your pages up-to-speed and out the door.

This page provides links to information that will assist you in making the most of the rich, powerful page design and publishing tools available to you and your entire organization in Oracle Portal.

Technical Information

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Focus Area Bullet. Unleash the Power of Oracle Portal Publishing (S677)
Creating, managing, and publishing information through your portal is more important than ever, as self-service and professionally managed portals become increasingly interconnected. This session reveals the powerful content management and templating features coming in the next release of Oracle Portal. Rich with demonstrations that illustrate Oracle Portal's new features in action, this presentation shows how you can use the new functionality to satisfy real-life use case requirements. As the standards continue to rise for professional-looking portals with easy-to-use self-service interfaces, learn how Oracle Portal has met this challenge and raised the bar for the competition. Access the Supporting Presentation.
Focus Area Bullet. Get Connected, Get Online, Get Results: Oracle Application Server Standard Edition One (S747)
Smaller businesses and departments have the same pressing need to present a professional web presence on the Internet, build applications and share information among employees as large enterprises, but they can’t afford the high total cost of ownership (TCO). This session will give you an overview of Oracle Application Server 10g Standard Edition One, a comprehensive solution for ISVs, smaller organizations and departments to provide access to relevant and timely information for improved productivity, service, and satisfaction. You will get the opportunity to see how you can quickly develop powerful applications with Oracle JDeveloper, how easy it is to share information with Oracle Instant Portal, and how you can easily manage the entire platform from Oracle Enterprise Manager. Access the Supporting Presentation.
Focus Area Bullet. Building Accessible Web Sites with Oracle Portal
As more and more services, both general and governmental, are provided over the World Wide Web, it is increasingly important for websites to be accessible to persons with disabilities. This document aims to further Oracle’s commitment to accessibility by providing guidelines for web site operators when designing accessible web pages using Oracle Application Server Portal 10g Release 2 (10.1.4). This document provides a reference guide to international and U.S. standards for accessible web design, as well as recommended practices for structuring content on web pages built with Oracle Portal.
Technical Articles
Focus Area Bullet. TechNote: Best Practices for Portal Navigation
Focus Area Bullet. TechNote: Best Practices for Configuring Page Regions
Tutorials: Oracle by Example
Focus Area Bullet. Achieving Pixel-Perfect Page Design with HTML Templates
Learn how to use HTML Templates to brand your Portal sites and build a richer Web presence.
Focus Area Bullet. Establishing Consistent Presentation Using Item Placeholders
Learn how to define a Portal Template with an item placeholder to control how the content of items that are accessed by URLs will be displayed.
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