Performance & Sizing

Here you can access the latest information related to Oracle Portal performance & sizing. Understanding how your portal is being used is critical for tuning performance, evolving content, and maximizing the user experience. Also see the Oracle Portal Adminstration page for content related to administering your portal. 

Technical Information

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Focus Area Bullet. Whitepaper: How to Effectively Size Hardware for Your Portal Implementation
This white paper explains the overall capacity-planning methodologies available for Oracle Portal. It also explains the calculations used to obtain metrics for estimating and sizing a portal.  Access the Supporting Presentation.
Focus Area Bullet. Whitepaper: How to Effectively Measure and Monitor Activity in Your Portal Environment
This white paper shows how a portal administrator can take advantage of Oracle Enterprise Manager features such as collections, automatic notifications, historical metric reports, application modeling, and application performance monitoring. The paper will also describe how business users can gain powerful insights into visitor interaction and usage behavior via site analytics. Access the Supporting Presentation.
Focus Area Bullet. Portal Performance Reports for Oracle Portal 10g Release2 (10.1.4)
This zip file is the latest version of the performance reports. It will be updated on a regular basis as later versions of the Portal product are released. Version Upload : 21-July-2005. More details about implementation and interpretation of these reports can be found in the Performance & Sizing FAQ.
Focus Area Bullet. Article: Sizing Oracle Portal: Frequently Asked Questions
Focus Area Bullet. Oracle Portal 10g Release 2 (10.1.4) Configuration Guide
Focus Area Bullet. Oracle Application Server 10g Release 2 Documentation
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