RTD Platform PSU (Patch set update) is a update with full set of install files (except OC4J/OAS) and replaces -  The installation files are available through support.oracle.com:

1.       Patch # 11935930

Search and access through http://support.oracle.com

RTD platform PSU is the required version for Decision Manager (recently released in RTD Apps 3.1).  Below is a list of defects addressed by this patch, for installation information, consult the readme file bundled with the patch file.

Defects fixed in this patch:

1.      12353084  Model snapshot data (correlation, predictiveness) for completed time windows is offset by one period.

2.      11837000  <session-timeout> parameter removed from UI.war’s web.xml.  [For Decision Manager].

3.      11832629  Batchagent fails to register with batchmanager in cluster due to race condition.  Retry (3 attempts) code implemented.

4.      11804529  External rule editor - double quotes (") entered for the parameter TitleMessage leads rendering error.

5.      11742973  Decision center – “Internal server error” seen for choicegroup-level Analysis > Trends reports where children choices are a mix of static and dynamic choices.

6.      11739285  Decision center – “Internal server error” seen for choicegroup-level Analysis > Drivers report due to jsp page exceeding size limitation.

7.      11668572  JBoss – Request forwarding channel reset error fix using Jgroups 2.8.

8.      10411524  RTD decision service java client to support JUL logging, automatically generate session key in header, support user-defined header.

9.      10390665  Add system property to bypass ILS test loading during ILS deployment

10.  10387803  Decision Service performance log (ds_perf.csv) - additional request forwarding metrics

11.  10383794  Decision Center - increased precision shown in report data.

12.  10323594  Temporary data storage (TDS) – Add session key name to TDS key value.

13.  10279493  Upgrade RTD-bundled Oracle JDBC driver to

14.  10259859  Model runtime apis return parent choicegroup data instead of choice data if choice event model defined with only one positive event.

15.  10254585  Add javadocs for getchoiceeventlikelihoodswhy() method

16.  10211905  Decision Center – when in https, need to suppress popup warning “This page contains both secure and nonsecure items”. [For Decision Manager].

17.  10178734  External Rule Editor - add option to hide inherited rules.  [For Decision Manager].

18.  10170068  Decision Center – IE 8 support needed.

19.  10122030  Decision Service - allow negative choice score values.

20.  10035297  Sticky control group assignment when there are multiple session keys.

21.  10035277  Sequential selection values result in sequential control group assignment.

22.  10034931  Entity cache code generation improvement to reduce SQL queries.

23.  10031983  Weblogic/Websphere - Request forwarding channel reset error fix using Jgroups 2.8.

24.  10013868  Java smart client retains open file handles on sdclient.properties.

25.  9959417   External Rule Editor - add option to override default title value.  [For Decision Manager].

26.  9927978   Java smart client forgets cookies when used asynchronously.

27.  9924191   DC_Demo sample ILS - external rules deployment helper.  Update to allow editing/saving of long external rule xml strings.

28.  9893907   Prevent rare infinite loop symptom when a model's "Randomize Likelihood" option is selected.

29.  9866824   Decision Service WS response may include duplicate copies of attributes which had values set in several parent choicegroup levels

30.  9726419   External Rule Editor - add option to display rule editor in read-only mode.  [For Decision Manager].

31.  9553431   Rule editor - javascript error disables save feature.

32.  9340440   Decision Center - incorrect reports when "Value Domain" of partitioning attributes of a model definition is non-empty.

33.  9310288   Studio - remove temporary data storage option for generic models.

34.  9306670   Decision Center - when positive counts exceed total counts, show model quality as 0 and hide cumulative gains graph.

35.  9302009   Studio - remove temporary data storage option for choice models.

36.  9286155   Model quality - integer overflow causes model quality to appear as 0.

37.  9267227   Model quality - internal data check (ismonotonicallyincreasing) at times incorrectly shows model quality as 0.

38.  9096379   Decision Service performance counters - add request forwarding metrics.

39.  8977280   Temporary data storage (TDS) – fix feature.