Technical Information
Oracle Reports Release 6i
  PDF Oracle Reports
This whitepaper provides a high-level overview of Oracle Reports.
HTM Oracle Reports Feature Overview
  PDF New Features in Oracle9iAS Reports Services and OracleiDS Reports Developer 6i
This white paper discusses the new features in OracleiDS Reports Developer and Oracle9iAS Reports Services 6i.
HTM   Quick Tour
HTM Frequently Asked Questions
  PDF BI CAB charter
  PDF Tuning Oracle Reports 6i
  PDF Security Tips in Oracle9iAS Reports Services 6i with Oracle9iAS Portal Release 3.0
  PDF Securing Your Oracle Reports Environment with Oracle9iAS Portal 2.2 -- A walkthrough
  PDF Oracle9iAS Reports Services 6i: Configuration Overview
This white paper describes Web reporting, changes in Release 6i that simplifies the configuration process, and a summary of the configuration process.
  PDF Oracle9iAS Forms Services and Reports Services Integration
This white paper explores various ways to implement calls to Oracle Reports from Forms running on the Web.

Leveraging Oracle8i with Oracle Reports 6i
This paper explains how developers can leverage the components of the 8i platform in their enterprise reports. Specifically, this paper focuses on:

  • How to use Materialized Views
  • Using the Extended Aggregate Operations and Advanced SQL Analytic Functions such as CUBE, ROLLUP, and RANK
  • Executing Java Stored Procedures from within Reports
  • Using interMedia Text
  • Using the Oracle8i Object Support
  PDF Using Forms, Reports, and OCA to access ODBC Data Sources
  PDF Personalized Reporting with Oracle Reports 6i
This white paper describes how to change the appearance and content of a report at runtime.
  PDF Advanced Web Publishing with Oracle Reports
This paper describes how to use various Oracle Reports features to build enterprise reports for deployment on the Web.

Advanced Tips and Techniques with Oracle Reports Services 6i
This paper focuses on the security and scaleability issues faced by system administrators when implementing a centralized reporting infrastructure. Specifically, it looks at the functionality available within the Oracle9iAS Reports Services to address these issues, and indicates the tasks required to implement it.

ZIP PDF Deploying Interactive Charts on the Web: Migrating from the Graphics Cartridge
This paper describes how to migrate interactive Oracle Graphics displays from the Oracle Graphics Cartridge to deployment through the Oracle9iAS Reports Services . Example modules are included in the zip file.
  PDF Installing Oracle Reports Release 6i Web CGI and Cartridge with OAS 4.0
This paper describes how to migrate from an existing Web Cartridge implementation to Web CGI implementation that is configured on OAS.
  PDF Batch Registering Report Information in Oracle9iAS Portal
Oracle Reports Release 6.0
  PDF New Features
This technical white paper describes the new features.
  PDF Data Sheet
This document provides a high-level overview of the new features. 
  PDF Enterprise Reporting with Oracle Reports
This white paper explains how Oracle Reports enables users to meet the needs of enterprise reporting by distributing reports in a multi-tier environment. 
  PDF Reports Server Configuration
This white paper provides the following information about the ReportsServer:  architecture, choices, case studies (i.e., Web CGI using any Web server, and Web Cartridge using the Oracle Applications Server), and a list of related documentation. 
Highly Available Forms and Reports Applications with Oracle Fail Safe
This document describes how to create and deploy Fail Safe forms and reports applications.