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Oracle9iAS Reports Services, the flexible and powerful solution for Web and paper publishing, enables you to publish any data in any format, anywhere. Oracle9iAS Reports Services is part of Oracle9i Application Server.

Any Data
In modern IT environments, data is generated by multiple sources in various formats. Ideally, publishing this data should be fast and easy, without requiring multiple, convoluted steps to manipulate and consolidate it into a single format.

Oracle9i Reports accommodates a variety of possible data sources:

  • SQL (Oracle Database)
  • PL/SQL (Ref-Cursor)
  • Express (for backward compatibility)
  • Oracle9i OLAP
  • XML (both file-based and online via HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP)
  • JDBC
  • Text file (delimited and fixed format)

Additionally, you can add your own, custom data source by leveraging the Pluggable Data Source (PDS) API of Oracle9i Reports. It is a documented Java API that allows you to create native access mechanisms for data formats that are unique to your business.

Any Format
Modern data publishing requires flexibility in the presentation of data. On one hand, you need boardroom-quality, paper-oriented reports for either printing or rendering in online-presentable formats, such as PDF, HTML or HTMLCSS. On the other hand, you have real Web reporting where the data is part of a Web page that is designed to fit in the overall concept of your corporate Web site.

Both areas of publishing are possible with Oracle9i Reports. Paper Layout enables you to design high-fidelity, boardroom -uality reports and either print them or create files in various formats (e.g. RTF, HTML/HTMLCSS, PDF) for presentation online. Web Source enables you to "inject" dynamic content into standard Java Server Pages to create "real" Web pages. Additionally, the Paper Layout can be stored in XML format within the JSP file. This way, you have one file that can be used for both Web and paper publishing.

A "real" Web page
created with Oracle9i Reports using the JSP-based Web source technology

You can also use Oracle9i Reports for generating data interchange formats, such as delimited or XML. This way a single report can be used to provide three vital parts of modern data publishing:

  • seamlessly integrated, dynamic content for your Web site
  • high-fidelity paper reports for printing
  • data in XML format for Business-2-Business applications

Oracle9i Reports - PDF1.4 support
Multibyte support, Font-embedding/-subsetting, Compression, Accessibility
( enlarge picture)

Having information where YOU need it is a basic requirement ofmodern data publishing. Providing published data online is only one way to go. Oracle9i Reports has powerful distribution mechanisms to make sure you get only the data you really need wherever you want it.

The bursting feature of Oracle9i Reports enables you to create multiple personalized reports out of a single report model. For example, you can create an employee report for all your departments and send an email with a PDF-attachment containing the report to each manager. Each attachment would contain only the relevant department information for the particular manager. All these reports could be created in a single pass and distributed by email to each manager.

Oracle9i Reports provides a powerful destination infrastructure that allows you to publish your output to any source you want. Out of the box, Oracle9i Reports ships with the support for a variety of destinations:

  • File
  • Printer
  • Cache (for direct output in the browser)
  • E-Mail
  • OraclePortal

By leveraging the Pluggable Destination API, a Java based interface, you can create your own destination drivers and thereby extend the functionality of this feature.



Design Time
  • Declarative, wizard-driven design environment
  • NEW! Open HTML documents to add dynamic report content.
  • WYSIWYG editor for Paper Layout
  • Instant preview for paper and NEW! Web layouts
  • Built-in JSP engine for instant preview
design time Integration
  • NEW! Migration-Tool for Portal Reports
  • NEW! Java Importer to generate wrapper PL/SQL-Packages for Java classes.
  • NEW! Oracle9i JDeveloper integration for development and debugging of Reports JSPs
  • NEW! Oracle9i SCM Integration for Source Control
Data Sources
  • Supplied with the product
    • SQL
    • PL/SQL
    • Express
    • NEW! Oracle9i OLAP
    • NEW! XML
    • NEW! JDBC
    • NEW! Text File
  • NEW! Open Java API for adding additional data sources
Paper Layout
  • Frame-based layouting
  • Conditional Formatting
  • NEW! Bursting
  • NEW! Save the report definition in RDF, JSP, or XML format
  • Multiple output formats
    • PDF
    • RTF
    • HTML (CSS)
    • Delimited
    • XML
    • Postscript
    • PCL

NEW! Web Source

  • Java Server Pages based
  • Shares data model with paper layout
  • HTML can come from any Web authoring tool

NEW! Graphing

  • 50+ different graphs available¬†
  • Java based


  • Default destinations
    • Cache
    • File
    • Printer
    • E-Mail ( NEW! SMTP-based)
    • Oracle9iAS Portal
  • NEW! Use open, Java based API to create your own destination
  • NEW! Distribution file in XML-format

Server Infrastructure

  • NEW! 100% Java
  • NEW! Peer-level Clustering
  • Scheduling
  • NEW! Extendable through Pluggable Engines, Pluggable Notifications, Pluggable Security, and Pluggable Cache manager
  • Standalone and NEW! In-Process mode
  • NEW! Communication via CORBA/IIOP


  • (Java) Plugin APIs
    • data source
    • Engine
    • Security
    • Notification
    • Destination
    • Cache Management
  • (PL/SQL) Database
    • Event Driven Publishing API


  • NEW! Single Sign-On for report and data source authentication
  • Fine-grained Access Control for application authentication (User/Server/Printer/Calendar)
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