Getting Started with Oracle9i Reports

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Integration with Oracle JDeveloper

Oracle Reports is now integrated with Oracle JDeveloper. Now, you can leverage the powerful publishing capabilities of OracleReports within your Java applications:

  • Create a new JSP report or Reports Pluggable Destination from within Oracle JDeveloper (they appear as objects in the object gallery and have a dialog box to assist you).
  • Launch Reports Builder directly from within Oracle JDeveloper. When you create a JSP report in Oracle JDeveloper, you can launch it in Reports Builder. Doing so enables you to take advantage of the wizards and tools in Reports Builder.
  • Run and debug JSP reports from within Oracle JDeveloper. In Oracle JDeveloper, you can perform such tasks as setting breakpoints. Reports JSP custom tags display in OracleJDeveloper's JSP tag palette to facilitate report development and editing.

Using Oracle Reports with Oracle JDeveloper (Demo)


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