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JSP-based Web Source

Oracle Reports focuses heavily on Web publishing, moving more fully into its role as a universal publishing solution. In previous releases, OracleReports simply displayed paper reports in HTML for Web publishing. This served the purpose at the time: to move corporate data onto the Web.

To satisfy the needs of users, Oracle Reports introduces JavaServer Pages (JSPs) as the underlying technology to enable you to enhance Web pages with information retrieved using Reports Builder. You can create JSPs within Reports Builder using custom JSP tags, which integrate with the data model objects and are used to create the report.

Reports Builder allows you to open an existing HTML document (Web page) or use an HTML template file to embed the report within your existing Web page. This provides tremendous flexibility in creating reports that meet the demands of completely integrating multiple sources of information (even other reports built within Oracle Reports) within a single Web page.

By using JSP technology, Oracle Reports enables you to easily provide dynamic reports to a variety of destinations that use JSPs, such as handheld devices and OracleAS Portal. By using JSPs, screen readers, such as JAWS, can access the code.

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