Getting Started with Oracle9i Reports

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Multi-format Output

Reporting today means being able to produce formatted information both for the Web and for paper. Oracle Reports meets this requirement and makes it easy for you to produce multiple formats in a single run of a report. Using the Oracle Reports wizards, you can easily create both paper and Web layouts for your report. When you run the report, all you need to do is specify the destination format -- you don't need to change the report definition.

Suppose you have a large report that some users prefer to read in hardcopy and others want to access via the Web. With Oracle Reports, you can have both a paper and Web layout of your report stored within the same report definition, and the data model is shared between the two. When you publish the report, you can create one URL to execute it using the paper layout. The user may choose which way the report is delivered.

Frame-based Reporting


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