Oracle Reports: Migration from 6i to 10g

Planning to migrate your Reports application from 6i to a newer version? Or already in the process of migration? Here are some documents that will help you in the process.

Note: If you are planning to migrate from 6i (or any earlier version), it is strongly recommended that you migrate directly to Oracle Reports 10g, instead of migrating to Oracle Reports 9i or any other intermediate version.

FAQ's and Statements of direction

  • Frequently Asked Questions on Migration
    • Visit this page to get answers to the main questions you have about the migration process, for example, which executables you need to change, and whether you can run your existing 6i applications in the new Reports version.
  • Changed Functionality Between Oracle Reports 6i and 10g
    • The objective of this white paper is to provide one-stop information about the availability of features from earlier releases (6i, 9i, and 10g (9.0.4)) in Oracle Reports 10g Release 2 (10.1.2).
  • Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Oracle Designer Statement of Direction
    • This article summarizes Oracle's Software Development strategy for Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports and Oracle Designer.
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Forms and Reports Services Install
    • Oracle Application Server Forms and Reports Services installation allows you to install and configure Forms and Reports Services without the need to install and configure all components of Oracle Application Server 10g. This is a new installation type introduced in Oracle Application Server 10g. This is a light-weight install type, and cannot deliver all of the features and functionality of the Oracle Application Server Enterprise Edition. The link above answers all the questions you may have about the Forms and Reports Services install type.

Publishing and executing reports with OracleAS Reports Services 10g

  • Oracle Application Server Reports Services Publishing Reports to the Web
    • This manual is intended for anyone who is interested in publishing reports with OracleAS Reports Services 10g. It explains the OracleAS Reports Services architecture, and includes information about configuring, starting and stopping Reports Services, security, running Report requests, managing and monitoring Reports Services, and the command line arguments and environment variables relevant for Reports.
  • Integrating OracleAS Reports Services in OracleAS Forms Services
    • This document discusses the integration between OracleAS Reports Services and OracleAS Forms Services, as well as their relationship in Oracle Developer Suite. This is especially relevant if you have integrated your current version, e.g., Reports 6i, with Forms.

Building reports with Oracle Reports Developer 10g

  • Oracle Reports Tutorial
    • If you are a novice with Oracle Reports Builder 10g, you can follow this simple tutorial to create your first report with both web and paper layout, ready to be deployed on the web.
  • Oracle Reports Introductory Demonstrations
    • As a beginner with Oracle Reports Builder 10g, these demonstrations will explain the basics and help you getting started.
  • Oracle Reports Building Reports
    • This manual is intended for anyone who uses Oracle Reports 10g to build reports. The needs of both novice and advanced users are addressed. Following the step-by-step instructions, you can build the example reports from start to finish. Each report that you build will demonstrate how to use many of the powerful features in Reports Builder.
  • Getting Started with Oracle Reports
    • This is a vast repository of white papers, examples, demonstrations and tools/utilities you can tap in to, for more information on Oracle Reports 10g.


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