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Do you have an amazing looking report that you want to share with the Oracle Reports community ? Then send us a brief description and either a PDF, or a saved HTML or a Screen Shot for our WOW! Gallery.

This report has been created for a geographically distributed warehouse organization. This paper report (PDF) shows you the average inventory at each warehouse and the trend over the years. It uses special effects from BI Beans (Graph Bean) and Oracle Reports features to create a profesional report.

Products / Components used:
Oracle Reports, Graph Bean

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This is a JSP report for an investment banking firm. This report shows the market activity in various indices and in chosen stocks (dummy values). The interesting aspect of this report is that it uses an HTML page provided by the corporate web designer, and injects data into it using Oracle Reports' custom JSP tags. Note that the result is best viewed in Internet Explorer.

Products / Components used:
Oracle Reports, Graph Bean

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A combination of static images, static boilerplate content, database driven tables and a dynamic graph make up this professional looking brochure. All generated on-demand using Oracle Reports.

Products / Components used:
Oracle Reports, Graph Bean

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This JSP report uses the following advanced features of JSP-based parameter forms:

  • Designing the parameter form and the report output in a single JSP file.
  • Ability to enter a search string in the parameter form to retrieve report results.
  • Using JavaScript to submit the parameter form upon user selection.
  • Ability to sort the results in the report output.

Products / Components used:
Oracle Reports

Download the JSP report and instructions


Oracle Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) is an Oracle product used by primarily by Pharmaceutical companies. AERS manages and reports on adverse reactions and product complaints to drugs and medical devices. These companies are required by law in the countries where their products are used to report any adverse events to the appropriate regulatory agency. From a single database of cases AERS can generate the reports needed for all countries.

The AERS reporting subsystem uses Oracle Reports. Oracle Reports has the flexibility and power required for this demanding application. The flexibility of Oracle Reports allows AERS to print reports in multiple languages on government mandated multi-page forms. Drug safety scientists use its power to mine the AERS database looking for trends and correlations in adverse events that lead to better understanding and safer medicine.

Products / Components used:
Oracle Reports, Oracle Portal

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Oracle Clinical Remote Data Capture (RDC) is a user-friendly tool designed for collecting clinical data from investigative sites during the drug development process. Oracle RDC can save research-based pharmaceutical companies time and money by more efficiently collecting pateint data. The newest version of Oracle RDC utilizes Adobe PDF Forms technology to present the user electronic renderings of familiar Case Report Forms (CRFs). This presentation allows the user to quickly and simply perform data entry, query resolution, source document verification, and electronic approvals. In the creation of the active PDF form presentation of the CRFs, Oracle Reports plays an integral role. Reports is integrated into the design subsystem of Oracle Clinical where the CRF design tool generates XML definitions of layouts. These XML layouts are then fed to as input to Reports where PDFs are generated. This model allows for metadata definitions in Oracle Clinical to be fully extracted and implemented in PDF using Oracle Reports.

Products / Components used:
Oracle Reports, Oracle Forms

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Use Oracle Reports' JSP-based Web Source to create dynamic Web pages and combine content generated using Reports custom tags (Table and Graph in this screenshot) with content created by other Java-based components (Map created using Oracle9iAS MapViewer).

Map, table and graph show the same data, which was selected using spatial queries against an Oracle9i Spatial dataset containing graphical objects such as roads, boundaries, etc as well as attribute information such as area, population, etc.

Products / Components used:
Oracle Reports, Oracle9iAS MapViewler, Oracle9i Spatial

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