Getting Started with Oracle9iAS Reports

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Bursting and Distribution

Oracle Reports enables you to deliver a single report to multiple destinations simultaneously. Now, you can burst each section on the break group. For example, if you create a break group on a department ID, the section will burst on as many departments that you've selected in your query. That is, if you have 500 department IDs, the section will burst 500 times.

Using the new, enhanced distribution feature, you can set up your report to be distributed to an e-mail destination, a portal, a printer, or anywhere else when the report is run. This feature also enables you to improve performance, since you only fetch the data once for many different formats and destinations. Using distribution also reduces your maintenance overhead because you only need one job request to publish the report to multiple destinations.

By combining the two features, you can set your report up so that different records are delivered to different destinations. For example, you can distribute the record for the Sales Department to be delivered to the Sales portal. Simultaneously, the record for the Human Resources department can be delivered via e-mail to the Human Resources manager. By using these features, you can deliver any part of your report to any destination.

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Conditional Formatting
Bursting and Distributing a Report (Example)

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