Getting Started with Oracle9iAS Reports

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Integration with OracleAS Portal

Oracle Application Server makes it easy for you to disseminate information across your group. OracleAS provides a portal building application called OracleAS Portal, which is integrated with Oracle Reports. This integration enables you to quickly publish a report as a portlet (i.e., a small, dynamic region) or an item on a page, so that your users can easily access dynamic reports. You can also take advantage of Oracle Reports Developer to format and edit the reports you build with OracleAS Portal's report-building tools. That is, you can create a Portal report, pull it into Reports Builder to modify it, then save it out as a JSP report with added functionality beyond what was possible in the Portal report. You can even push it back to OracleAS Portal and publish it there via a portlet or page group.

Oracle Reports Security
Securing Oracle Reports Using OracleAS Portal (Demo)


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