Getting Started with Oracle9iAS Reports

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Oracle Reports Security
 OracleAS Reports Services provides you with several options for securing your Reports Server. You can plug in your own security server for application-level security, such as for storing your access control lists. Out of the box, you can use OracleAS Portal as a repository and interface to your application-level security (Access Control Lists or ACLs), as well as a report deployment vehicle. For example, through registering Reports Servers and printers with OracleAS Portal, you can define restrictions for confidential human resources reports to only be run on a specific server and printed only on a specific printer in the HR department. Through OracleAS Portal availability calendars, you could also restrict these reports to being run only on business days. The Reports Server enforces these limitations for every job that meets the criteria.

The OracleAS Portal security framework provides user- and group-level control over all of the following elements:

  • Reports Servers
  • Printers
  • Reports
  • Calendar-based availability (e.g., restrict reports to be run only on business days)

By using OracleAS Portal out of the box, you can determine all or a subset of the following, depending on how stringent you want your security:

  • Who can run a report
  • Where the report output can be sent
  • How the report output can be presented
  • What parameters are visible and may be specified

Securing Oracle Reports Using OracleAS Portal (Demo)


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