Getting Started with Oracle9iAS Reports

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 OracleAS Reports Services offers a flexible scheduling mechanism that allows you to schedule a single or repeating run of any report. This means, for example, that you could update your sales figures every minute for seven days a week, while your daily inventory status could be run during off-peak hours over Sunday through Thursday. This functionality can also be used to pre-seed the OracleAS Reports Services built-in cache to increase performance for reports that are based on data that does not change frequently. It is available from the command line, the runtime URL, a database, or the OracleAS Portal interface to OracleAS Reports Services.

For example, suppose you have a number of large, complex reports that many users must access at the beginning of every work day. To improve their performance and better manage the workload on your server machines and databases, you could schedule the Reports Server to run those reports automatically in the early morning. Thus, when employees arrive at work and access the reports, the OracleAS Reports Services cache is already populated with the necessary report output.

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