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Oracle Enterprise Repository 11gR1 ( includes both bug fixes as well as new features highlighted below.

Downloads, documentation links and more information on the Oracle Enterprise Repository are available on the OER OTN page.

New in Oracle Enterprise Repository in this Release

  • Installation, Hot-Pluggability & Certifications

    • Updates to Oracle Enterprise Repository Certifications

      Oracle Enterprise Repository can now be deployed on WLS 10.3.6. Oracle JDK 1.6.0_u29-b11, Sun JDK 1.7.0 01-b08, and JRockit 1.6.0 u29 are now supported.

      In addition, OER also supports:
      • OAM
      • JDeveloper
      • OEPE 1.8.x
      • Oracle Database

    For a complete list of platforms supported as of this release please check the list of supported browsers, operating systems and databases.
  • Enhanced Lifecycle Support
    • Registry Repository Exchange Utility Support for Non-WSDL HTTP Services
      The Registry Repository Exchange Utility is now capable of publishing assets other than WSDL-based Web Services -- including RESTful services -- from Enterprise Repository to Oracle Service Registry. Publishable assets now include non-WSDL HTTP services harvested from Oracle Service Bus as well as certain types of service assets in OER that were manually created or populated using the API. Previously, the Exchange Utility published only WSDL-based HTTP services that were created in OER using the harvester.

  • Enhanced Asset Migration Support
    • New Behavior of OER Asset Migration Tool
      Modifications to the OER Asset Migration Tool now support more flexible content migration to the 11g SOA model in OER. This is primarily for customers who started with custom service types or previous versions of Enterprise Repository and want to migrate their service-related content to standard OER 11g harvester types.

  • Other Miscellaneous Enhancements
    • Re-Harvesting Composites into OER
      When re-harvesting a composite in which the relationships to supporting services have changed, e.g. from version 1 to version 2 of the services, the composite in OER maintains only the links to the latest service versions. Previously, it maintained both sets of relationships to underlying service versions, which was ambiguous.


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