Oracle Service Bus for Financial Services

Oracle Service Bus for financial services is a SWIFT certified, proven and lightweight SOA integration platform for financial messaging. It is designed for connecting, mediating and managing interactions across monolithic back-office financial applications and addressing complex connectivity requirements for SWIFTNet (FIN, InterAct, FileAct) and other financial networks over native MQ transport and WS-*/XML open standards. Oracle Service Bus for financial services provides a rich, re-usable and regularly updated message library for financial messaging standards such as SWIFT, FIX, SEPA etc. that allows financial institutions and corporates to reduce both the time and cost of standards compliance.

Oracle Service Bus for financial services is a product bundle that includes Oracle Service Bus as the core product, the Financial Message Designer, the design environment that allows the creation and management of the models to capture message formats, message mappings, and message flows, and the Message Format Adapters (SWIFT adapter, FIX adapter, Payments adapter and Derivatives adapter) to parse, validate and transform financial messages in the Oracle Service Bus.


- Oracle Service Bus
- Financial Message Designer

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