Oracle SOA Suite 11g Downloads

This page consolidates the download links for evaluating Oracle SOA Suite and includes only the most common platforms. You can download other platforms from our Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.
Please visit the Fusion Middleware: Download, Installation & Configuration Readme Files and the Installation Guide for Oracle SOA and BPM Suite for an overview of the installation process and the Certification Guide for platform specific information. 

Please also see the Quick Start Guide for SOA Suite and BPM Suite for detailed instructions on how to download and install SOA Suite and BPM Suite 11gR1 and setup a development environment on Windows.
This guide is currently at version, but will soon be revised for You can use this guide for, substituting the downloads below for those listed in the current guide.


Important: Make sure that you always install the latest bundle patch for your SOA Suite version. Consult Doc ID 1485949.1: SOA 11g and 12c: Bundle Patch Reference on My Oracle Support for the latest information.



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Free Oracle SOA Suite 11g Installations
This is the latest release of the Oracle SOA Suite 11g. Please see the Documentation tab for Release Notes, Installation Guides and other release specific information.
Please also see the Samples provided for this release.
Release 11gR1 (

Prerequisites & Recommended Install Process
The following table breaks out the pieces needed to install SOA Suite.

Prerequisites and recommended components for Microsoft Windows (32-bit JVM) installation are available for downloading in the table below. This is a known installation and configuration path for this release. Please see the Fusion Middleware: Download, Installation & Configuration Readme and the Installation Guide for Oracle SOA and BPM Suite for assistance in creating alternative installation scenarios.
NOTE: Products are presented in the order they should be installed. However, if you are planning to install Oracle Service Bus along with other SOA Suite components, we recommend you follow the Oracle Service Bus installation process first.
1 Database

Oracle Database is the recommended database for SOA Suite deployments. Note that Oracle Express Edition (XE) does not meet the minimum version requirement for supported use, but will generally work in a personal development environment.

2 Oracle WebLogic Server + Coherence - Package Installer 10.3.6 Size: 839 MB, Check Sum: 767418396

Note: This WLS package is for a 32-bit JVM. If you want to run with the 64-bit JVM choose the "Generic: 64bit JVM" option in the platform selection drop-down menu.

3 Repository Creation Utility Size: 325 MB, Check Sum: 2244639109

RCU is used to create and populate the database schemas required by the SOA Suite.

4 JDeveloper Size: 1.25 GB, Check Sum: 1352809351

This is the Studio Edition of JDeveloper (includes JDK), the design-time environment for SOA Suite.

The SOA Extension will then be an online update. After installing and starting JDeveloper, from the menu choose Help > Check for Updates. In the Update Wizard, select Search Update Centers and ensure the first and second options are checked. Then ensure that Oracle SOA Composite Editor is checked.

Product Installation
5 SOA Suite Part 1 of 2 Size: 1.6 GB, Check Sum: 3963426252

Note: The generic SOA installer is used on all platforms.

6 SOA Suite Part 2 of 2 Size: 1.2 GB, Check Sum: 3455866343

Note: The generic SOA installer is used on all platforms.

Recommended Components
7 Oracle Service Bus

Note: The WebLogic Server install above doesn't include Oracle Enterprise Plug-in for Eclipse (OEPE). If OEPE is needed please go to the Oracle Service Bus download page to find the WLS installer which includes OEPE.

8 Oracle Application Adapters Part 1 of 2 Size:136 MB, Check Sum: 128834632  
9 Oracle Application Adapters Part 2 of 2 Size:203 MB, Check Sum: 360313676  
10 Oracle Mainframe and TP-Monitor Adapters Size: 426 MB, Check Sum: 446622264  
11 Oracle CDC Adapters Size:462 MB, Check Sum: 4231194334  
12 Business Process Management  
13 B2B Document Editor Part 1 of 3 Size: 3.5 GB, Check Sum: 904191719 Download
14 B2B Document Editor Part 2 of 3 Size: 3.88 GB, Check Sum: 898880311 Download
15 B2B Document Editor Part 3 of 3 Size: 2.17 GB, Check Sum: 1504650504 Download
16 Healthcare Libraries Size: 940 MB Download
17 Oracle Event Processing  
18 Enterprise Repository  

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